Terrible pain from Clomid?
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mg - March 27

I ended my first dose of Clomid a week ago, starting on Thursday I had bad Abdominal pain, I went to the OB and she did an ultrasound and saw that my ovary(I only have one) was hyper stimulated and enlarged. She said to just take it easy. The pain went away, but starting today I have had really bad crampy back and Abdominal pain, it came on pretty sudden, its not a 10 or anything, just very uncomfortable. I think I Od today or yesterday. She said that sometimes after you O your ovary can get even larger due to follical swelling. Has this happened to anybody? And when should I call her again


JENZEY - March 27

Hi mg, I had the same problem last month with my 1st cycle of Clomid. My dr. told me the pain was due ovulation & the follicle size. The pain did continue for a few days after but it did go away. I am on cd5 & my 2nd cycle of clomid. I'm wondering if I'm going to go thru that again with this cycle. About calling the dr....it doesn't hurt to call & tell them you are still having pain. goodluck & babydust=}


mg - March 27

I am so crampy, its even painful and tender tender to bed. We are supposed to bed every other day. Its like how am I supposed to get pregnant feeling like a fat bloated sore marshmellow ? What us women wont go through to get pregnant. LOL


pj - March 27

Guys, what dosage are you on? I have just done - one 50mg cycle. it failed.. I didnt ovulate. I am waiting for A/f to start next cycle..upped to 100mg. I luckily didnt have pain in the first cycle and you people have really cheered me up. Anyway mg...hope you are better


JENZEY - March 27

My 1st cycle of clomid was 50 mg. & my dr. upped my dose to 100mg for the 2nd cycle. I did O on my 1st cycle but when I had my u/s I only had one follicle so we'll see what happens. mg, I know what you mean about the things we go thru to get pregnant. But if I end of pregnant it will all be well worth it. Goodluck & babydust girls=}


mg - March 27

well my situation may be a little different then most, I dont have any problems, all of my tests have came out fine, and as far as I know I O every month with my one ovary. My husband only has 6% normally formed sperm, other then that his numbers look fine, so the MD hope is that by making me hyperfertile, we might have a better chance of getting pregnant. Strange I know, but its either this or go straight to IUI, so we at least have to try this for 3 months. I am only staying on 50mg, which has been working fine, since my scan showed three HUGE follicles, like 30mm, 22mm, and 20mm, and this was shorty before I od!!! We are just praying for a miracle! The pain is feeling better today, I dont know if I am Oing or just cramping? I guess time will tell.LOL


Natalie-ttc - March 28

HI Everyone,

Hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but after reading your posts, I wanted to ask you a ? On my 1st cycle clomid 100mg, I considered the cycle to be a bust, cause on cd 10 & 16 my lining was only 2mm & my biggest follie was only 10mm...the rest 6 & 7mm...Then on CD 40, I started getting the worst shooting/stabbing pains through my ovaries & uterus...It was so bad I was bending over in pain...anyways it lasted over a week & then AF came....She was horrible, lots of chunks (sorry TMI) and extremely heavy. I think I may have had a very very late ovulation, around cd 40...what do you think? The pains were so bad, I was going to go to the emerg.....BTW: I never ovulate on my own, so don't know what it feels like...Now I am on CD 9 on my 2nd round & am feeling absolutely nothing.....
Do you think it was O or just lining/breakthrough bleeding? This is all so hard!!!!!!Babydust to you all!!!!!!!!


pj - March 28

Hi Natalie...my first cycle with 50mg also went bust. If was monitored uptil CD22 and till then I had just one follicle of around 11mm. My doc abandoned the follicular monitoring after that, because there was a remote chance of ovulating after this and even if it did happen, such an egg normally does not lead to pregnancy. (By the way, when I went for my last ultrasound, doc told me that the previous lady had justed had a BFP, after having been told that her cycle would not lead to ovulation.. so miracles do happen). Anyway, what doc told me is that in pcos, women normally have more pain before A/f. But, when I told her that , before my last A/f I had exccruciating pain for almost a week (I thought I had caught some serious stomach bug, and went to doc), she said "..." must have happened. I forget what "..." was (sorry if I am frustrating), but she said sometimes the entire thing gets removed at one go from the uterus, rather than slowly. When I told her that some of what came out was solid , tissue like, she said if it happens again, I should bring it for biopsy just for my peace of mind. Sorrry for this long answer.. hope it gave some info


pj - March 28

sorry lots of typos , but I think you will get the gist of what I have said


Natalie-ttc - March 28

pj - Thanks for your response...I do get what you are saying....It is just all so confusing, thats all.....I wish I knew for sure if the pains I got, were from ovulation, KWIM? Where are u in your cycle? I am on CD 10 today, round 2 of clomid 100mg, cd 2-6..Natalie!


pj - March 29

Natalie. I have just finished provera and am waiting for A/f....then comes the time to start counting days.... and clomid


JENZEY - March 29

Good morning girls, I finished my 2nd dose of Clomid last night. (thank god because I had some major hot flashes this cycle!) So now I'm just waiting to O. I'm hoping I get a few big follicles this time. I go for my ultrasound Monday & with cycle 1 I had only one follicle. Goodluck & babydust to everyone! (Jen)



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