Terified of having a Lap
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Sally - March 9

Hi, DH and i have been ttc for 2 years with no success although everyone around us is doing ok!! I thought it was time to get help, I went for blood tests all normal. i was then told im to have a laperoscopy (not sure of spelling) in April and i am so scared. Im scared of everything, im evan having bad dreams. ive never even had a tooth out and now im having surgery! I only went in for an internal check and they found Endo inside so i need a Lap to see how advanced it is. Its all so scary. Im scared of the actual procedure and even just being put under and not waking up. Anyone been through this that can help me??? Please im going mad with worry. xxxxxxxx


Melissa - March 9

I was very scared as well. I had my lap in Sept & had never even had blood drawn until all this infertility stuff started happening. I am VERY phobic of needles & always think I'm going to pass out, so it was a challenge. I have anxiety attacks & they were getting really bad when I started having to have all my tests done & found out I was having a lap. I told my doctor and she prescribed a low milligram of Xanax for my nerves to use when I felt really anxious. They really helped me get through that time. As far as the LAP goes, though, it was a piece of cake....my doctor prescribed that nerve medicine by put into my iv right when I got the iv & I fell asleep immediately and don't even remember being wheeled into the OR. I really wish I hadn't been as nervous as I was, because it was not nearly as scary as I had led myself to believe it was gonna be. Good luck, and if you need anything else, let me know! (Sorry if I rambled...on my lunch bread & trying to eat/type at the same time!)


sally - March 9

Thankyou Melissa, it helps just to hear people who have had it done came through it ok. I hope you enjoy your lunch, its dinner time here and im cooking and typing! women really are good at multi tasking arent they.


Ann - March 9

I was in a panic before my lap (also for endo). It was not bad at all. Just take it easy after and you will be fine. Try not to worry about it. It will be worth it to get rid of your endo so you can have a baby!


patty - March 9

hey sally---i knew exactly how you feel. i need a lap also---due to the same thing to confirm endo and see what stage it is at. it is really scary ! i am most scared not too much of the operation but it after i still can not get pregnant. but my hope for a baby overcomes my fear. how were you diagnosed with endo ? what exams did you have done ? i will find out march 22 when i will be scheduled for laparoscopy. keep me postedso wecan help each other get ourselves through this mess.


Sally - March 10

Hi Patty, My belly button kept bleeding and was very very painful during af. I went to see the doctors 10 times in 2 years before they found out what it was. I had lots of blood tests and a thorough internal exam. Im very worried as it took so long it may be bad now. I have been told my op will be end of april but no date confirmed yet. My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me about anything or let me know how you are doing.


patty - March 10

ok- thanks sally. we will keep in touch.
my e-mail is
[email protected].
the doctors discovered that i have endo by an internal exam. i do knew what stage it is but i think it may very well be advanced. i am terrified of what is the next step after laparoscopy. i will knew for sure when and why on march 22. i can not wait ! i just want to get a full picture of everything !


Rhiannon - March 10

Hi. I'm sorry for what you are going through. I have never experienced a lap, but my sister has been ttc for about 7 years and nothing. She has extremely bad endo. SHe had her lap in Sept and she is doing great. Don't worry


patty - March 11

rhiannon --did you sister mention anything about her lap surgery. what was her experience like ?


Sally - March 15

Hi Patty, i sent you an email about my friend, i just found out she had a Lap. I still havent had a date through. Hope your ok. Good luck if i dont get to talk to you before. im sure you will be fine. x


patty - March 15

hi sally---i also read alot of stories on the net that lapis not sobad...did you recieve my e-mail ? let me go control my mail...i will see if i can re-send it !


lynnette - March 28

HI Sally. I had my lap done a week ago. I think the advise about having some nerve meds. before surgery is EXCELLENT! Be honest with your doctors about your anxiety. I have it too. Honestly, for me, the worst part of the whole lap. was the bloodwork and iv. My husband held my hand and I made him talk to me the entire time they were dealing with the needles. Also, I told them that I get nauseous easy, so they put medication in my iv. The dr. said that this surgery is bad about making women sick, so be sure to mention if you have a weak stomach. The actual surgery is nothing to fear. Once they roll you into the operating room, you will be put to sleep very, very soon. Basically, the last thing I remember was the dr. putting an oxygen mask on me and telling me to breathe deeply. Then, I woke up in recovery and it was over. It takes a little while to feel like getting up. Don't let the recovery nurse hurry you! They want you to get up and pee on your own so they can send you home. My dr. told me that as an out-patient, I could stay 23 hours and not get charged extra, so if you can, have somebody in your family there to look out that you're not being rushed!!! Also, I was told to sleep in a recliner the first couple of nights, so the gas doesn't go to your shoulder. They say that hurts. I didn't have any pain with gas at all. I slept in the recliner and was quite comfortable. They gave me darvaset for pain and I took it every four hours and was in a very restful state for 3-4 days. I also slept with an electric blanket which felt really good. By the second day, I was up walking around, but didn't have much energy. They went through my belly button, and two very, very tiny incisions on my stomach. They are so small that I didn't mind looking at them at all. (I was afriad it would make me sick). They're tiny! I had the lap for a diagnosis of endo. and it turned out that I had severe endo, stage 4. I couldn't believe it. But, now I'm feeling more positive because I know I have a better chance of ttc. My next step is to have lupron injections for 3 months to suppress the rest of the endo on my colon. Oh yeah, if you have a chance, ask your dr. if he will have another surgeon on staff in case the endo. is on your colon. That's important! Good drs. will have someone ready to help. Also, are they going to laser your endo if they find it? Mine did it all that day, which I was very glad about. Now I just have to dread the Lupron shots. As I told you, I freak out about needles and have panic attacks, so this should be fun. Sorry I have gone on and on, but it seemed like you wanted details. Take care, you will be fine!!!!! If I can do it, anyone can!!! It will be worth it so you will know exactly what you are dealing with, so you can get preggers!


jla - March 28

Hi Sally! Depending on your age, I had two totally different experiences with my two laps. My first one, at age 20 was a cinch! I only took one pain pill right after my surgery and was buying books for my next semester in college two days later. My second lap was in Aug. 05. At 30 and this one was a little harder on me. I wasn't as quick to bounce back and I had to take pain meds daily. I just assumed that my age played a large part in the recovery time. If you are young and active, it shouldn't be too bad. The surgery experience isn't too bad at all. I only have two little scars and my dr. went through the same holes my second time around, so I was very pleased! Don't be terrified, I'm sure giving birth is much more painful. ;) I don't know about giving birth yet though. My DH and I are hopefully going to start ttc very soon. I'm still waiting on my cycle to come back after going through 6 months of Lupron shots to shrink my endo. I just hope you don't have to go through that! Good luck! You'll be fine!!!!



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