temps and what they mean
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molly - June 25

Can anyone help me out here? I started taking my temps when af was supposed to come but it never did. so i just started to chart anyway. The problem is i don't understand what to look for and what is a "normal" temp to begin with? Can someone please explain this process to me. Thanks.


bump - June 25



kc - June 26

To get a good idea of your cycle you will need to chart for at least 3 months. Here is what you should notice. Before ovulation your temperature should remain around the same temp. until the day or two before ovulation. There will be a slight dip in temp. could only be 2 tenth's of a degree and then the next day or two you will see an increase (ovulation) the increase will be around 1/2 a degree. It will stay up until af starts. Some notice a second increase about a week after ovulation if pg. You will need to start bding before during and after the slight dip and increase. I hope this helps. Not everyone has the temp patterns so you will need to chart for a few months to see yours. It works well if you are regular. You may want to supplement the charting with ovulation prediction kits to help you see what your temps are when you do actually ovulate. I hope this helps. Good luck.


Molly - June 26

kc, thanks for your response. You made it easy to understand. I'll give it a go.


TS - June 27

The book, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" explains charting in great detail, easy to understand, sample charts and lot's of other good info about trying to conceive. I highly recommend it, I bought it a few weeks ago!!



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