Temps...after af..
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MuzikGurl - January 28

Ok, so I actually started after 76 days with nothing..I'm fine with having AF (although I wish I was pregnant so that would be the reason for no AF)...I had it on 1/5 to 1/10...but, I confussed on why my temps are the way they are now...here is record of my temps after AF: CD7 97.0, CD8 98.2, CD9 98.0, CD10 98.1, CD11 97.9, CD12 97.5 ( from CD12 to CD16 all the same 97.5), CD17 97.9, CD18 97.3, CD19 97.5, CD20 97.3, CD21 97.5 ( from CD21 to today CD24 all the same 97.5) now, I think I may have ovulate if I did on CD16 or 17 but not sure. But the question I have is does anyone know my my temps are staying the same looks like a flat line on my chart for like a week straight then it moves for a few days and now I'm flat lined again??? Dr. said if I don't start my AF by feb the 2nd to start taking clomid not sure how many mgs. yet I haven't gotten it filled yet but if I do start I have to take it on my 6th day of my cycle but...the only thing right now I'm just worried about is my temps. I've taken three pg tests with the brand called CONFIRM and all came out neg. ( there is this outlet store that was selling them like a whole basket full for like 4/1.00 $ !!!!! amazing I know..I wanted to take the whoel thing but I didn't have any room in my car.lol. but I did buy 8 of them and thinking of going back to buy more! lol..pg. addict I know I am. it's all hopes I know all hopes. Well, thanks to any who respond I appreciate it and plenty of Baby dust to all of you! Good Luck!!! =)


bump - January 30




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