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Julebells - October 27

Since Sat. my temp has been 97.81, Sun-97.42, Mon-97.53, Tues and Wed it was 97.71 and then this morning it was 97.38. I'm not sure what this means....help anyone?????


.. - October 27

temps always fluctuate. They should be lower before ovulation in the follicular phase and higher in the luteal phase (after ovulation). Google basal body temperature and learn how to read your charts. its really easy when you get the hang of it. Temps above mean nothing by themselves. they say dont read into them until the end of the month, after 3 elevated levels after ovulation or you have done it for awhile (several months)and have the same pattern continuing. after a few months if there is a pattern of inconsistencey, or too many ups and downs it could mean different things like low or high estrogen or progesterone or non ovulation. At this point take charts to doc and ask for some testings but wait til you have a few months to see if there is a peroblem first.


Julebells - October 27

Thank you so much!! I'm part of Fertility Friend and am monitoring it on there....guess I just need to read up on it.


caution - October 27

be cautious with fertility friend and ovulation, 2 months in a row now it told me I ovulated on day 11 and I know from ultrasounds and hcg trigger shot and blood work I didnt ovulate until day 13 either month.


me - October 27

Don't know if this helps or not, but my RE told me to stop temping, since it is not accurate. According to all my charts, I was "not ovulating" for 6 months. I got a vaginal ultrasound done 2 weeks ago, which confirmed that I ovulated. Just be careful and try not to stress if you don't see a temp increase after you are supposed to "ovulate". You may in fact be ovulating even without a temp increase. Just sharing what my RE told me. Good luck!


Julebells - October 27

Thank you all for your responses!!! It has been comforting to know that temping isn't always the right way to go!



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