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Deby - July 11

Has anyone ever had success is conceiving after taking BBT's? I have tried calculating ovulation based on OPK..but this is my 5th month..and no luck. I have just began taking my temps to try and confirm the exact day of ovulation. I hope this works! Any Advice?


Stephanie - July 11

Hi Deby,
I am in a similar boat as you. I have been ttc with BBT's, but no luck. My temps seem very different then other ladies. Yesterday I was 97.7 and then this morning I was 98.6- something does not make sense to me. I may have did it wrong. My af is irregular with 35-45 day cycles.
I hope someone answers our questions too.


Deby - July 11

Yes I have a normal cycle..but never know when I actually ovulate. So I thought the temps would help..although my temps seem all over the chart...I have only been charting since Friday (when I got af) and since then, my temps have been...97.5, 98.01, 98.03, 97.07. Cant quite figure out my normal yet. Hopefully they will level out over the next few days once af is gone.


Carrie - July 11

Hi Deby - I did have success in conceiving after starting BBT's. I charted for about 5 months I believe it was - I'm now 13 weeks pregnant. The charts helped me to realize that my ovulation was actually occurring on day 17-18 of my cycle instead of the "normal" 14th day. This obviously helped me to establish which day(s) were better to try to conceive since before I was trying around the 14th day, assuming that I was ovulating then. I highly recommend the BBT charting - it helps to show if you are ovulating, and when. Best of luck to you both and I hope it happens for you very soon!


Deby - July 11

Carrie - Thank you so much!!! At least now I know theres a chance. Did you know you were ovulating from the spike in your temp? OR does it drop?


Carrie - July 11

The temperature spikes. Usually the day after you ovulate. Like if you ovulate on a Friday, your temp will spike on Saturday. However when I got pregnant, I physically felt ovulation later on Friday and since you're usually fertile for 12 to 24 hours after the egg releases, my temp didn't spike until Sunday morning - so I guess that's because I was technically still fertile on Saturday morning so it doesn't spike until after your fertile period is over. I hope I'm not making it sound too complicated because it's not. Let me know if you have any more questions.


merlee - July 12

Hey! thought I'd let you know of a great web site that helps you to understand charting and even charts it for you. Loads of info --- FertilityFriend.com try it!


eli - July 15

Hi Stephanie, i also have 35-45 day cycles and i am ttc. My DR told me that anybody having more than a 33 day cycle and less than 21 days is probably not ovulating. My Dr put me on clomid to regulate my ovulation .and every morning i check my temp. Dr says that on clomid you should ovulate 5-8 days after your last pill. Try askig your Dr maybe they can prescribe clomid.


dina - July 15

i've been doing the same thing for 6 or 7 months and i use the clear blue ovulation kits each month. I'm getting really good at knowing when i ovulate i just dont seem to get pregnant but i'm thinking i have an estrogen or progesterone problem. keep trying. i was told by my doc most people take a year and 18 months is very normal. ugh



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