Temp shift on my chart and not ovulating?
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Manuelita - October 27

Hi there! I just had an u/s last month at CD12 (this is when I normally ovulate following my charts) and they only saw 2 very small follicules (7mm), so the conclusion was "probably annovulatory cycle." Then my temp rose on CD 18, but got AF on CD 26. So here are my questions:
Do you think I could have ovulated on CD18 and only get a 8 days luteal phase?
Could my temp rise without ovulation (I'm now concerned that I could not have ovulated on any of the previous cycles that showed a clear temp rise!)
Thanks a lot in advance, I'm so confused right now!


KD - October 28

8 day luteal phase seems really short. How much of a temperature shift did you get, and did it stay high for all 8 days before af showed up? I don't think that I ovulated the first 5 cycles off of birth control, but I finally got pregnant the 8th cycle! So hang in there...I think that your follicles can grow 2mm per day so it's possible to have a cd 18 ovulation(the cycle I got pregnant I didn't ovulate until cd31) but a 8 day luteal phase seems very short...I'd ask doctor about that if it's consistent with your next cycle


Manuelita - October 28

KD thanks for your answer. I had a +-0.4ºC temp shift that fell down the day AF arrived. It would be the first cycle I have delayed ovulation and the first cy I have a short luteal period (it is normally 13 days) so I don't understand what happened. Anyone happen to have an ovulation detected by temp shift and finally found out you're not ovulating?



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