temp rise in bbt
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anne - August 15

this is my 1st month charting the bbt, though we were ttc for 2 years. i havent charted all the days, but al least alternate days. the temps before the day i suspected ovulation ranged from 96.6-97.1, and the temp after the day i felt i od was 97.7. so does this mean that i have ovulated? please someone help


D. - August 15

It's difficult to tell without three days of sustained temps after ovulation. Our temps can range drastically so just one high temp may mean nothing. I would suggest temping for a couple more days to establish the pattern. Try not to miss any days though because it may look like you have several days of highs, but the ones missing may actually be lows. It can alter the picture pretty drastically.


Deb - August 15

Anne - You need to chart everyday if you want a valid result! Here is my chart..take a look at the chart labeled Cycle 07/08/2005 (last month). You can clearly c I ov'd day 13. Your temp needs to drop than rise considerably for 3 consecutive days afterwards to confirm ovulation. http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/c7c65
This month I should be ov'ing any day.


anne - August 15

thanx guys for the replies.. that sure helped. i guess id chart everyday now on. till i visited this orum, i never knew the importance of bbt charting. now i know that it gives so much of valuable inputs regarding our cycle. hope this is our lucky month. good luck u guys..:)


anne - August 18

i have been charting everyday now, and i see a definite temp increase above coverline, but the overall increase doesnt seem too good. i mean, my coverline is 97.1,but the max temp till now is 97.7. i have heard that temp shoud be above 98, after o.. any pointers?


D, - August 18

It may just be your thermometer. One of my puppies killed my old one and I'm using a new one this cycle and my temps are much lower than normal for me. But it may also be showing that you either have low progesterone or a thyroid issue. The truth is that it's just impossible to tell when it's just your first month. I wouldn't panic but try another cycle or two and see what develops. If you still think that you may be having a problem, then you will be armed with some information.


anne - August 18

thanx D, that certainly was some info.. i know the waiting period is very frustrating.. i am 27 and am scared that i may not have much time left... i have checked my thyriod before, and seems normal. so i have to see what makes the temps so low.. anyone else with the same issue?


to anne - August 19

Ive been through cycle monitoring and i came back all ok with everything. My temps i thought were low and the doc says im fine. Mine after ovulation would only go as high as 98.4 but usually much lower than that. learn your cover line and it will make a difference in how you feel. I was sure i was too low and he said dont compare to others, all your tests are normal (we have male factor problems) but i ovulate, coverline about 97.4 on average and most temps low 98s or high 97 and im ovulating. as long as you see 2 distinct sections, one before o and one higher section after its usually an indicator you o'd. This is not to say there may not be other probs but thats how i was taught


D. - August 19

Sweetie, at 27 you are still very young. Fertility doesn't start to suffer seriously until after 35, takes a steeper decline around 37, then after 40 it suffers greatly. But you are already ahead of the game. You are already checking into possibilities. The fact that there may be nothing wrong but you are double checking and making sure is a great positive for you. Don't stress. Just take control. You're the boss! This is all about you!!!



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