temp question/messed up AF
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wondering - September 22

if your temps are supposed to stay up until you get your AF, what if you are really irregular, never know when you are gonna get your AF, or you don't get it on your own anymore and need the progesterone pills to force it, then your temps are never gonna come down or what?


Robyn - September 22

I don't know how progesterone affects your temps. But your temps should stay up until the day of AF, so even if you're irregular - the temp should stay high until AF actually comes.

Checkout fertilityfriend.com - it gives a lot of answers to temp charting questions.


wondering - September 22

that i know.. my question is lately i have not been getting my AF UNTIL i take the progesterone(Prometrium), so I'm at 15 dpo with still high temps. But my concern is if I won't get my AF until I take the meds my temps are gonna continue to stay up, making me think there's a chance i could be pregnant, even if I'm not.. Does that make sense?? Thanks for your help..


annette - September 23

if you are indeed pregnant , the temp will stay high for 18 days or more. but if you know youe luteal phase(it could be anywhere between 10-17 days) then you can watch for high temps till the end of the luteal phase. it is not necessary that everyones lp is 14 days. see if your temps are high till 19dpo, then take a test. god luck


TS - September 23

Wondering, I think I know what you are asking. The only way to know if you are pregnant or not is to take an hpt BEFORE you stop the Progesterone to bring on your period. Otherwise you will never know if your temp is high due to pregnancy or progesterone because you do not know your bodies natural luteal phase. I would say wait until 18 days after ovulation, take a test, if negative, you can bring on your period.


wondering - September 23

thanks everyone...



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