temp question... 2 different reading?
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lyn - September 16

i'm not sure why i did this, but today i took my temp at 6:30 am and got 98.3, then i took again at 7:15 am (i usually take at 7:15 am) and got 98.6. I never got up inbetween or anything or did any thing other than roll over. Why would it be different in a matter of 45 minutes? Not that it's a huge difference, but I thought it was weird...


me - September 16

the slight discrepancy could be in the fact that you woke up briefly. to get an accurate reading, you are supposed to have at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep. Maybe in that short time frame it altered your temps a bit. Maybe you had more covers on you or something. Maybe the temp in your room increased due to the sun rising (room temps are a factor). Keep in mind, temping is used to get more of a pattern in your cycle and a general idea of where your temps lie. I wouldn't worry too much about the .3 change. Good luck.


Lena - September 16

Lyn, I just wrote something about this in another thread. I don't put a lot of faith in temps. I know some woman have had good success, but I haven't found that to be true. The reason I have little faith in temping is that our temps are easily influenced by many variables. The variable in your temps is expected especially as our bodies become more awake. If you laid in bed all day, you'd notice that your bbt peaks around 4pm. A restless night, hot bedroom, dehydration, anxiety, bad dreams, can all make your temp rise by a few degrees.



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