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tanner789 - November 17

there is a possibility i could have gotten preggers this month, but i was wondering if being hot alot is a sign, does your body temp go up? i am normally a cold person all the time, but lately, i am having bouts of getting really hot and flustered. this happens also at night where i'm woken up to being extremly overheated and our heat is turned way down to nothing throught the nite. i also had weird discharge that lasted a day or two around implantation time would have been-nothing since, and a bad headache. my other symptoms are mild but included-dizzy/lightheadiness spells, full boobs no soreness, peeing a ton!!, and mood swings. my cycle past has been either every 41 days or the past two monthes non existant and needed provera to bring cycel on. what do you think, am i just being too hopeful?


pmblake - November 17

Hi Tanner, Sounds like all the same symptoms that I'm having right now. I'm not sure how pregnant I am yet but I am (postive HPT and beta). I think I O'd around CD24. I'll find out more next week when I go in for a 2nd beta. Good luck! What dpo are you on - or do you think you're on?


mommy2josh - November 17

Tanner how about taking a pregnancy test. What cd are you? Anything is possible. We have a girl on our thread that didnt have her AF, negative HPT's and went to the doc got Provera (or something like it) to bring on AF. After taking the pills and still no AF she went for a u/s to check for abnormal growths just to find out that she is pregnant. As I said antything could happen. Taking the test is the first step. Good luck to you, I hope you got your BFP.


tanner789 - November 17

i just cant take the test yet. more because i took clomid this month and on cd 14 went in for u/s and they saw low follie growth and told me that i had lil hope for this month but to still try, and f/u with an re, she said the same thing and wants to proceed with tests as soon i get af or dont get af, i just thought the hot flashes were weird, but i'm lacking the normal preggie symptoms, just thought i'd ask, after a yr of bfn i cant stand to see one more if i dont have to, i'll hold out unless i get major symprtoms, oh yeah my period would be due tues or wed of next week if it came on cycle day 40, but the ob said i could also ovulate late like on cd16-18 so righ now i would be anywhere from 15-17dpo, i think my symptoms would be alot more obvious??? pmblake how many days past ovulation did you take your etst and get bfp-congrats to you too. also good to hear that you can conceive with late ovulation like you becasue my ob said anything past normal 12-14 doesnt have a good chance, and you proved it wrong. how long are you normal cycles?


pmblake - November 17

HI Tanner, Keep the faith. Here's my story (short version I hope). CD15 u/s showed a few follies but nothing really. Prog. level said that I surged that nite. I gave up on my cycle. Started b/c pills to induce a period. it never came. after CD31 my bbt went up into the 98's and stayed there until now. i tested on CD28 and CD34 both negative. Day 40 was my first positive HPT. I'm guessing I was 16DPO. I'm only going off of my bbt nothing else. LIke I said - I had given up on the cycle after CD15. CD42 b/w showed a beta of 194. I go in for another beta on Monday. My cycles really vary. Medicated 26 days... not medicated anywhere from 32-60. I was on anastrozole this cycle. It's kinda like clomid but it's an estrogen blocker and supposedly better for the lining. SO, we were both medicated w/ late O's. I O'd maybe around day 24. maybe you did the same? and CD 40 was my magic #. Hopefully it will happen for you! I have almost zero symptoms except for fever most of the day. anywhere from 98-99.2 during the days. I'm tired alot and sometimes thinking about eggs make me queezy. my bbs aren't sore and only swell up at night. I hope this helps. Let me know what you decide to do! Pam OH and looking back at my chart the only thing I had going on on CD15 was that I was extremely irritable, but that could've been the b/c pills.


pmblake - November 17

oops I meant to say that the only thing I had going on 15DPO was that I was irritable.. I first typed CD15. typo.


tonyaandjoe - November 17

what is dpo


slowpoke01 - November 18

Tanner- i wanted to let u know that when i found out i was pregnant in aug. the only signs i had were the ones you are describing. i actually had told everyone that i didnt think i was pregnant because i didnt have any signs other than fuller boobs and my boobs were hot to the touch. my husband would wake me up in the middle of the nite because i was so hot he thought i was sick. dont give up hope. i on the other hand have to start over because that pregnancy was a tubal and we had to terminate, but dont ever give up hope. there is always a chance. tht was the first cycle that i had actually given up hope on and was not having all the signs i thought i should have.i get to try again indec. good luck to you.


tanner789 - November 18

wow you guys have given me alot to think about, but its only making me hopeful because i'll start getting my hopes up, today is cd 35 so if i was going to come on cd 40 it wouldnt be til next week, so i wanna wait as long as possible. i also forgot to mention how extremely tired ive been come aorund 9:00 i so tired i'm in bed shotrly after unless i'm kept really busy to keep me up. and i've been having these random stomach twinges/pulling things, were it feels like maybe a bad stomach ache might come on and then nothing its gone, also a few days ago i was having bouts of pain in right ovary was also thinking god i hope if i'm pregnant it aint tubal-slowpoke how did you know yours was tubal? also pmblake when you say your follies were small on cd 15 do you remeber what size and were you told you had a very low chance of conceving? well thanks again for all the info


slowpoke01 - November 18

tanner-the first sign that something was wrong was when about a week after i got a + hpt i started spotting. somedays it would be light other days it would be pretty heavy and it was like watery. also i started getting dizzy alot and i was in so much pain that i couldnt walk, sit up, lay down or anything because everything hurt too bad. i was in so much pain that i couldnt do anything. i had chills real bad too. good luck. if you have a tubal most likely it will be caught between 4 and 12 weeks. the earlier that it is caught the better the treatment. i was only like 4 weeks and they gave me 2 methotrexate shots so that i wouldnt have to have surgery and either lose a tube or scar it up rela bad. good luck to you.


tanner789 - November 19

slowpoke-thanks for your help, pray for me


slowpoke01 - November 19

tanner-i think that each woman knows her body and if you should happen to think that something isnt right then you should see your doctor immediately. good luck i will be praying for you.


tanner789 - November 19

slopoke-nothing seems wrong for me to see a dr, why did you suggest that? b/c i mentioned the tubal pregnancy part, i dont think hat anymore just when i was having the weird twinges in my ovary, i'm sure the pain would be bad by now. everyone who responded has told me to take a test i'm just not ready now, we'll se what next week holds for me-thanks



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