Tcc with prometrium and clomid
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charl23 - October 1

I have been ttc for years. My doctor recently told me i have PCOS, and put me on prometrium (days 16-25) and clomid (days 5-9). Before i my progesterone was 1.03ng the first month using this combination it went up to 16.24ng My doctor told me i had ovulated but that it would normally be over 20ng if i was pregnant (because i was on prometrium). I have just had my blood done for the second month and it came back at 56.11ng!!! I have to wait until later on in the week to see my doctor and i'm going out of my mind, and not due for another 4 days, so i don't know what to think. If anyone has any results similar or advice please let me know. Thanks


thayward7 - October 1

is the 56.11 your progesterone level? I hope you had success this cycle, but I just want to caution you that I was told that progesterone levels tell you that you ovulated (and on Clomid you may have released more than one egg, which will increase the level), but doesn't tell you whether or not you are pregnant. Have you taken an early HPT? I hope it works out well for you! Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - October 1

P.S. I have PCOS too and have done 4 cycles on clomid and ovidrel, one of which I also used prometrium. Next cycle I will be using clomid, repronex injections and ovidrel. Smiles! T


charl23 - October 1

Thanks for your response, yes thats my progesterone level, before i started the pills my doctor gave me a chart which he said to compare to my levels every month. He told me that if it was below 1.5ng then i hadn't ovulated, and that if it was over 20ng that i would be pregnant. I find all of this really confusing, and i'm turning into a nervous wreck because i dont know what to think.....


thayward7 - October 1

I'm sorry it is so stressful! The whole journey of ttc is like a roller-coaster isn't it! Well, I guess if I were you, I would take an early hpt, and wait it out until your testing day. It just is surprising to me that the doctor said that if it is over a certain level that you are pregnant. I know progesterone is released once you have ovulated as the corpus luteum collapses - the progesterone will continue to be produced if you are pregnant, but I don't know about the levels. All I know is that if you release more than one egg, you are likely to have a higher level. It IS confusing isn't it! Let me know how it all works out! I hope you get a BFP!!!! Smiles and Babydust! ... T P.S. Maybe try searching for information about progesterone on-line - I have been to lots of really informative web-sites - but then again, everything that is printed on-line isn't accurate either.... AHHHH!!!



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