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marie - May 18

Can i get i a tanning bed if i am pregnant??


Melissa - May 19

Hi Marie, I was told not to go to the tanning booth when I was pg. If you really want to tan and you are positively pg then you may want to check into the lotions. I think they're safe. But, I'm not a dr and you should probably ask a dr before use.


april - May 19

Ok i answered to my own question lol! no its not at all harmful to you baby heres a site i found if you want to check it out http://hps.org/publicinformation/ate/cat4.html#96 this is a phrase that was in what i read....UVA radation is not able to penetrate through the skin and abdominal tissue to expose the fetus.


april - May 19

thanks for helping!


Milissa - May 19

okay GIRLS!! THE HEAT ALONE CAN CAUSE THE FETUS TO DIE" if it was safe than you would not have to ask!!!


Melissa - May 19

I agree. That's why they tell you not to take hot baths and get into hottubs or saunas. They also strongly discourge over exposure to any heat for that reason. Also, no using hot pads.



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