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Tammyga - November 7

This might be a stupid question but i couldn't find much on the internet about tampons and infertility. Some sites say that some of the "ingredients" in tampons may not be safe for someone ttc, and others say that they are perfectly fine. What I want to know is 1) would they have a negative affect in ttc, and 2) If somone had become pregnant, would it make a difference if they used tampons while they were unknoingly pregnant? If anyone knows please fill me in.


Nic - November 7

I have never heard of that before what is suppose to happen if you use tampons, why would it cause infertility?


~S - November 7

I have never heard that, but my ob/gyn has told me that it would best if I didn't use them. It is only because I have PCOS and my cycles are really long like 36-70 days. Pads allow all flow to leave the body, ie clots etc. Tampons don't always allow that flow because they keep it up in your body, and can sometimes prevent everything from flowing out. Like I said, this was only said to me because I go months with out a period and I have a lot of lining and clots to shed when I do menstrate. I wouldn't fret! Just use what is most comfortable for you. Tampons do cause some women yeast infections, but I haven't heard of anything else. So rest easy and hopefully here soon you won't have to deal with af at all! Baby dust!



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