Tamoxifen/FertilAid for MEN - low sperm count
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GIG - December 27

Help!!! my DH & I been ttc for 2 years - no luck!! results showed he has a very low sperm count!!! pretty depressed abt it all..... Doctor has put him on tamoxifen to stimulate sperm growth - but I researched and found FertilAid which i am now thinking of buying..... pl any advice at al is very much appreciated..... Thanks!!!


Chas - December 28

Hi Gig, I know what you are going through. My Dh and I have been ttc for two years also. I did get pg, but m/c in April. He too has low sperm count. I am trying proceptin right now.... a acupuncturist told me about it. It is a dietary supplement he takes twice a day. What is the tamoxifen and where do you get it? Also, we tried the fertilaid for a few months last year, I don't know if that helped me to get pg, but anything is worth a shot!


GIG - December 31

Tamoxifen is to stimulate the testicles according to doctor. i am hoping it does increase his count afte 3 mths. if not he switches to FertilAid! sthg needs to work!!! ASAP... so frustrated :(



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