taking progestrone
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sarah81 - April 19

hello, my husband and i have been ttc for 2 months now and i thought i was pregnant, but i went to the dr today and negative. but the dr said she wanted me to try progestrone. does this increase my chances of having a baby?


Brandi-Lynn - April 19

Hi, im not sure if that will increase your chances or not but i do know it helps to shed the lining of your uterus. my doctor put me on estrogen to help build a thicker lining and then i had to take progesterone to help shed it which would help me release an egg during my ovulation. Good luck!


Blakey - April 20

Hi Sarah,
Progesterone is very important during the 2nd half of your cylce, especially after ovulation (in chance that you conceived)-progesterone supports your lining, in case implantation has occurred. A lot of women are put on progesterone support after their cycles. I have been on progesterone injections now for 2+montsh, (I tested positive on Feb. 26, this is my 1st pregnancy) I have been taking them ever since my retrieval. I had my levels checked, and they like to see it at 20 (or above) and mine was still a little lower, so I need to continue, and will re-test next week. A lot of women are usually glad when they are put on progesterone, because it gives them the support they may need in theri cycle. Weather your on suppositories, or injections, they will help. Also, some women have a short luteal phase (which is the 2nd half of your cycle) again, after ovualation occurs...estrogen is high during the first half of our cycle, to stimulate our ovaries for ovuation, and then it drops after ovulation occurs, and that's when progesterone kicks in. So it's a good thing for you ,if your Dr. recomends it, it may help tremendously with your cycle...and you will have a better result next time round! All the best to you sarah!! :-) Good luck!



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