Taking Dostinex...was regular...now late...could it be???
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Amber - August 11

Here's my story....I have been taking Dostinex since May for high prolactin and a pitutary tumor. Since that time my period has been right on...28 days and AF. So this month....no period! I had slight brownish spotting on Sat and just figured my period would start on Monday as it was due. No period on Monday....so I took at test at 3:00am when I couldn't sleep! It was negative. So here it is Thursday evening and not a sign of AF.......this might sound crazy to you guys...but I am not sure I want to test. I am soooo scared it's going to be a negative AGAIN and I just don't know if I can take it right now! So in my head I am thinking...if I don't test than it can't be negative! I know that's crazy....and I will probably test tomorrow but I am just not looking forward to a disappointment! Anyone else ever feel this way????


Becca D - August 11

Amber - I took dostinex years ago for the same thing, I ended up pregnant. I had taken parlodel in the past to induce a period and I would get it at 28 days. The last time they gave me dostinex b/c I only had to take it once a week instead of twice a day. I realized after 28 days no period, I bought a pregnancy test and was sure it would be negative, like the first 7 years of my marriage and BOOM, it was positive. It took 5 home test, one urine, one blood and a sonogram to convince me. My son will be 6 in November. Good luck!! Let us know the outcome. I have been ttc now again since March (my last m/c was in January, D&C on the 25th.)


Amber - August 11

Thanks Becca...that's VERY encouraging! I am nervous to take it because the one I took Monday was negative....but maybe a few days later would make the difference. I think I'll try it anyway...


Amber - August 12

It was negative............


Becca D - August 12

I'm sorry - but keep trying...you could have ovulated a little later. You never know. I do understand how frustrating this who ttc thing can be. I've had two m/c's in the last year....one at 5 1/2 weeks, one at 10 1/2 weeks. I've been trying since the last one for 5 months now. The due date for the last one was Aug 25th....so kind of sad this month. Keep positive though, it will happen. Just give it a few more days and see what happens. If you don't get AF by Monday, I'd call the doc and ask them to do a quantitative hcg test.



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