Taking Clomid and Progestrone Suppositories
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SaintRose83 - January 2

Hey Everyone. This is my first post and also the first time I will be taking Clomid. I have had 2 mc, the 1st on was 5weeks the 2nd one at 3 weeks. Both were due to low levels of Progestrone. I also have very irregular cycles. I started AF on Sunday... well its only spotting, but Dr. counts it as 1st day of AF. So I will start 1st pill of Clomid 50mg on Thusday. I will be doing OPK and then once I ovulate I will be taking progestone suppositories. I don't know exactly when to start the progestone... I don't want to take it too late and end up with another mc. I was told that I can take it 10 days after I get a + Ovulation test. Does that sound right?? Anyone else taking clomid and then have to take progestrone supp. immed. after ovulation??



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