Taking BCP to stop Ovulation to do IUI later then scheduled
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Kami - October 19

Hello, I am new to the board, I was scheduled for an IUI this week, but the doctor put me on BCP for 10 days(10/20th will be 10 days) because she had to leave town, so it basically put my body on hold to ovulate. I start things back up as soon as I spot after stopping the BCP. Has anyone had to do this, and if so effect your IUI at all? Any info would help. Thank you


Mega - October 19

Hi Kami. I've never heard of that done before with an IUI, but I know it's common practice to do that to stop an early O for IVF. And the pill does halt
ovulation. What do you mean by you "start things up again" after you spot? Will you then go on injectibles or Clomid? Hopefully the dr has done this before with great success. Good luck. I'll be interested in hearing how the rest of your cycle goes after the BCP.


Kami - October 20

Hi Mega, thanks for the reply. I meant that after I stop taking BCP I will wait until I spot and they will consider that the first day of my period, then I will go in and have an u/s done and I will start taking 100mg of chlomid for 6 days, on the 9cd I will do a follicle shot, when I ovulate I will go in for another u/s and they will give me a HCG shot if my eggs look good, then I will go in to have my IUI. This is the quick run down. I am very confident in my doctor, they are ranked 6th in the nation as far as fertility clinics go. I guess I was just curious if anyone else had delayed it and then gone on to have a sucessfull IUI. I am sure it will be fine. I will for sure keep you updated. What is your story? :)


Mega - October 20

Oh, I see. That's great that they're ranked so high. My story. I've been ttc for just over a year now. I was dx in April with PCOS, and I take Metformin for it. My DH has low morphology too. We're doing our first cycle of IUI this month. I took Clomid 100 mg last week. My follicles were slow to grow, but I finally had one reach the 15.5 mm mark. So I trigger on Sat. & do the actual IUI on Monday. I'm excited. For once I feel like I have a real shot of getting pg, but I'm sure I'll overanalysis every sign during the 2 WW. Fortunately, we're leaving for vacation the day we do the IUI, so at least my mind will be occupied during week one. Is this your first IUI, too? How long have you been ttc?


Kami - October 20

DH and I have been married for 5 years and ttc for 4, this will be out first IUI. We have Unexplained Infertility (nothing wrong with either of us) So, we are pretty exctied about the process. Today is my lastday to take BCP so I should be on Chlomid on monday. I am really excited for you. I am hearing that 2ww is the hardest, it is good that you have a vaction planned, I am sure that will help out. You will have keep me updated. I should be doing my IUI first week of Nov sometime. I am very excited for you guys. *babydust to you* :)


Mega - October 20

That's great that you'll be on the Clomid as early as Monday. Thanks! I'm excited for you all as well. The first IUI is exciting. Do you know anyone that's had it done? Have they got pg on it? How many tries? I don't know anyone personally, but one of my friends has friends who've done IUI. If that makes sense! I think they said it worked. I'll definitely keep you updated. And keep me updated too! Babydust to you too!


Kami - October 20

Mega. Yes, I have a friend here that had IUI and it took on the first try. I usually hear that it takes 2 or 3 times. They say if you are in the age range between 25-35 then your percentages of getting pregnant each month is about 20%. So if you do the IUI the first time it is the normal 20% chance that you can get pregnant, but each time after that the percentages go up. So, on the 2nd IUI you would have a 40% chance to concieve and so on, of course, I am defiantely hoping it will work on the 1st try, but it gives me alot of hope if I have to go in for another IUI. Plus, with each try they can adjust the medicine to where it needs to be to give you a better chance each time. One of my other friends that went through IVF said she has a friend that just had boy/girls twins using IUI. It defiantely works so keep the positive thoughts. If I do not hear from you before Monday have a great vacations. :) won't be long before you know.


Concord78 - May 2

Hi Kami,

I'm in a similar situation. I have to start my iui this month, and waiting for my AF. I'm CD 24, but I have a business trip come up May 9-12. I asked the nurse if there is any way around it and she said I could start BCP on the CD1 of my period and go to my RE after I return. So if my AF shows up on time, I may be on BCP for 6 plus days. Just curious if that is safe..never been on BCP before. Also I want to be sure I can start my stims after I return and not really lose an entire cycle. What was your experience? How does this whole going on BCP and then starting the stims work? Thanks so much for your response.



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