taken provera and ended up pregnant?
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mrose - June 30

Has anyone ever taken provera to start your af, only to find out after you quit taking it that you were actually pregnant that they just did a pg test too early? According to FF, if I ovulated this cycle it was just a few days before they started me on proverra, so when they did a preg test, it could have been too soon. i've been done with proverra for about 5 days now, and i've only spotted a couple times, very light pink spotting, no clots or anything, hardly any cramps at all. and today i was sooo nausious and throwing up, and i'm not sure why. I was wondering...is is possible to still be pregnant???


Samantha27 - June 30

Hi mrose I am not sure but I have used provera for 3 cycles the first was in nov and af showed day after I took the last pill and in january and af showed 14 days after the last pill that is normal and I took it about 1 and a half week ago and af showed wednesday but I spotted browish and pinkish fo two to three days before af came so I am not sure if it is possible for you to be pregnant. You should read the side effects of taking the provera and call you doctor's office to make sure you might not be having a m/c


mrose - July 1

thanks Samantha for replying. I've been taking provera to start every cycle for over a year now. I haven't had af on my own for about a year and half. My af always starts the last day of the pill or within a couple days. it's never gone this long without starting. and i was spotting off and on the past few days, only when i wiped and it was real light. now it has stopped....i dunno. i'm so confused. I've felt tired and cranky while taking it but that normally goes away after i take the last pill. i've never been nausious or throwing up on it. I doubt I am pg, but I guess i'll go get an hpt tomorrow and find out for sure. thanks again :-)


alley_ - July 1

Hi mrose
I am taking provera as well b/c I have PCOS and AF hasn't come on its own since I stopped the BCP in January. Last month I took 2 days of provera and AF came on the 2nd day so I stopped that round of it. This month I had some light spotting on Wednesday so I thought AFwas coming naturally but didn't, so I had to start taking it again today. I went for a beta HCG on Wednesday to be sure I wasn't PG before taking the provera today, but I wondered the same thing, the timeline for when you go in for the pg test and get the results before you have to get the next month started isn't very long. If I naturally had a 28 d. cycle the blood test is actually done on dpo 12 so that they have time to get the results back before I'm onto the next round of provera. Let me know if you do end up being pg.



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