Take my fun, informal poll: Which "O" most concerns you?
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hopeful06 - January 30

I was just wondering..... Am I the only woman thinking more about Ovulation rather than Orgasm during sex? When you think of "The Big O," which most concerns you?


soimpatient - January 30

At this point...I hate to say...OVULATION is what is on my brain!


Nadia24 - January 30

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!


DD - January 30

Ovulation-Definitely. Orgasms can wait!!


jcr - January 31

Is there life beyond ovulation?????????


to hopeful06 - January 31

nope...your not alone...chalk up the big O to ovulation here. Like DD said...orgasms can wait until after the O for baby.


Tracy - January 31

JCR--Too funny:) I think of ovualtion first and foremost, but after baby dancing on my fertile days, I like to think of the orgasm so it will do that whole vacuum thing and suck the little spermies up into my uterus!!! Sick but true......


~S - February 2

Ovulation, definitely. :( Epspecially seeing how it is so rare for me with PCOS.


Dee - February 3

it's sad i know, but i'm definitely more worried about ovulation lately than orgasm. :o(


yup - February 3

Orgasim what is that again? Ovulation comes to mind when it is time to bd!


jcr - February 3

I think of the big O, as being an ovulation with a big follicle how sad!


jennifer28 - February 3

Orgasm...whats that?! Ovulation here too!!


bump - February 12

bump......We need some fun on the board!


Dianna - February 12

DH has the orgasms that is the most important thing for my O HEYYYYY!!!! After I conceive he will slow it down to the beat of my groove.CAN YA HEAR ME NOW!!!!


TC - February 12

I hear ya!!!!!!


hopeful06 - February 12




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