Take a look at these stats - is this "normal" ??????
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trixiebee - February 11

1. I have a 28 day cycle. On the nose.
2. In the past, I've been ovulating late, around d20. This is not leaving much time to implant. ("luteal phase defect")
3. This month I was diligent about charting. 5 cycles is enough, I'm not kidding around anymore.

--This month I had light spotting d10, d11. This is also the time my temps spiked a bit.
--(Left) ovary pain on d11, d13.
--EWCM on d15, d16.
--LH+ surge barely detected d15, d16
--My temp has not risen yet.
Today is d17

This whole ovary stuff seems rather drawn out. Shouldn't I be getting spots, pain, temps, and EWCM a bit closer together? thoughts?
We're humpin' everyother day just in case, and taking some meds to help, but I'm just puzzled a bit. thanks.



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