Symptoms this soon?
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K.J. - July 14

Hello all and baby dust to everyone. Ok, here is my deal. I am on my first round of clomid days 5-9. My last period was on 6/25/05, and today is currently day 20. Hubby and I had sex on day 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. On day ninteen, I work up with some strange pains in my stomach, almost like I had gas or something, but I didn't have gas. I had them right when I woke up, and they went away within a few hours. They weren't bad or anything, it was almost like a tight muscle that had eventually worked it self out. My stomach has also been very bloated as well. Then this morning I woke up and my breasts are soo sore! I don't want to get myself excited, but is it possible to have these symptoms this soon?? I go for blood work tomorrow to see if I actually ovulated, so I am not getting my hopes up until then, but I just wanted to see what every one else thought, and if anyone else had these feelings and they were in fact pregnant? Thank you!


cb - July 14

hi K.J. im not on clomid, but i had the same sort of symptoms, firstly my nipples were really sensitive, and was gassy, & same sort of tightning in my stomach about a week after i ovulated, than about two days before af was due my breasts become really sore and itchy, and to my happiness i am pregnant!. So it is possible. I have my fingers crossed for you!!! baby dust to everyone ***


Lena - July 15

You could be pregnant, but these symptoms are more likely caused by increased progesterone and not pregnancy (Its a little to early for your body to even know you're pg). Clomid can cause progesterone levels to increase because of multiple CLs. This doesn't mean you couldn't be pregnant, it just means that pregnancy isn't the cause of these symptoms.


KJ - July 15

Thanks all for your comments. I had some blood work done this morning (day 21) to see if I actually ovulated. If I did, then maybe I will get a little excited. If not, then back to the drawing board.



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