Symptoms of Preg. Vs. HcG shot
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Star - September 22

Does anyone know if there are any differences in symptoms from HcG shot vs. Preg. I have so many Preg. symptoms, but afraid to get my hopes up since I had an HCG shot to help with implantation 1 week ago. Thanks!


Lena - September 22

Unfortunately, there are no differences in symptoms.


Star - September 23

So even heartburn 1 week post HcG could still be a symptom of HcG?


aish - September 23

why doc give HCG shot


Lena - September 23

Or your heartburn could be caused by something you ate, slowing of gastric juices, etc. One week post ovulation is sort of the "dry" period. The effects of your hCG injection are wearing off and any hCG caused by a pregnancy are still too low for most woman to notice any difference. Unless you know your body very, very well, its hard to say what is pregnancy vs. pms until after your af is due. I felt more "pregnant" on my unsuccessful medicated cycles than I did on the cycle when I actually became pg. The pregnancy symptoms didn't start to effect me until wk 5.


Lena - September 23

Aish, Docs inject hCG to trigger ovulation. 90% of all woman ovulate with 36 hrs of the injections and 99% within 48 hrs so it helps docs to regulate insemination/conception.


aish - September 24

lena,thanx for the inforemation



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