Symptoms of onovulation anyone?
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Jill - April 11

If you are not taking you basal temp. is there any other way to know if you ovulated or not? I am 3 days late w/ af and getting bfn on hpt. I thought maybe I did not ovulate. I have never been told by my doc that I do not ovulate however. Any ideas??


Kelly - April 11

Me too Jill. I was wondering if you do not ovulate does it make your af late?? Does anyone know??


rb - April 12

I actually didn't ovulate, and my af was always on time, then randomly started coming early. My doctor did a blood test for progesterone near the end of my cycle and determined I was not ovulating. I know other people whose af just stopped and that's how they found out they weren't ovulating. Hope this helps.



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