symptoms after taking clomid
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Kristina - June 2

what were the symtoms after taking the clomid...i took it for 5 days and had no side effects but now it's different...any advice?


Melissa - June 2

I am very moody and has some slight cramping. I started my first round May 13.


Melissa - June 2

Forgot to also mention. Today I am feeling a little nausiated.


Tors - June 2

I'm on my first round of clomid and have been getting hot flushes and i'm often thirsty.


Kelly - June 2

I am on 100mg of clomid and have mild headaches and insomnia.


Brandy - June 26

I have taken Clomid for 8 cycles and I have noticed that I had mild hot flashes and slight nausea the first couple of times that I took and...but I also noticed that when I took Clomid on CD 1-5 and not 3-7 or 5-9 the symptoms were worse. I also experienced fatigue for the first time and that was not that great. I am on to Letrozole now, it hasn't been known to cause the side effects and it also doesn't interfer with your endometrial lining or your cervical mucous.


Lena - June 27

Are you women finding that your clomid side effects occur AFTER you've finished the clomid? I feel great the 5 days I'm taking clomid and have plenty of energy and seem to be in a great mood. But after I ovulate I feel nauseas, emotional, and extremely tired immediately after I ovulate (ie 2 days post ovulation). Is this normal?


dee - June 27

I am on my first round of clomid also. Felt alright for the 5 days although i was really thirsty and then the week before ovulation supposed to happen,my mood swings were really bad. Rollercoaster ride for everyone around... :) I hope i did ovulate. I am going for a blood test this weekend.Cross fingers and toes.


Brandy - June 27

Lena...I have noticed that the hot flashes and nausea last well after my last pill. I am not CD 13 and today is the first day with out a hot flash or nausea. Thank Goodness.
Also, ask to try Letrozole instead of Clomid,, it doesn't have as many side effects because it doesn't stay in your body as long as Clomid and Insurance covers it because it is still primarily used for breast cancer patients. It has been know to cause ovulation with high pregnancy success rates.


Lena - June 28

Brandy, thank you for suggestion for Letrozole and thank you for sharing your clomid side effects.


Dee - June 28

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you not only ovulated, but that you conceived as well. Best wishes to you!


Hanna - June 28

Symptoms include abdominal cramps, sore breasts, nausia. very similar to those of pregnancy. so don't get your hopes up if u have those and good luck


jlblakey - July 29

I took Clomid for four months, I had migraines, headaches, felt sick, tired and very moody. Then at month five I started to have a lot of water retention, and when I went to see my DR they found that I was loosing protein in my urine and was retaining a lot of water. They did every test under the sun with me, including a kidney biopsy and found that the Clomid caused an allergic reaction. I am now off Clomid and have been told not to even attempt to get pregnant for at least six months. They have had to put me on steroids to counter the damage to my kidneys Clomid caused. Be very careful on Clomid! On other websites I have seen other women that have also had allergic reactions similar to mine.



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