Symptoms after clomid..
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shellster - August 22

THis question is for anyone who actually conceived while on clomid. Did you feel any symptoms early on? I guess what I'm asking is if any of you felt preggo before it was time to do a hpt? Sore boobs?, etc..I'm on my first round of Clomid and am trying to determine what I should be feeling if it has indeed worked. I know it's stupid of me to try to figure it out so early.


Lucky717 - August 22

Hi Shellster- I am also on my first round of Clomid 50 mg. I am on cd14. I was told by my Dr. to make sure that we baby dance on days 10-20 every other day. On day 21 I am going for my bloodwork to see if I have ovulated. My progesterone was really low and that is why they gave me Clomid. I finished with Clomid a week ago and don't feel any differently. I am pretty bloated and have had hot flashes 2-3 days after my last Clomid pill. I hope you have a BFP!!! What cd are you on?


shellster - August 22

Hi Lucky,
How funny, I'm on cd15. Pretty close to you. I didn't feel any different either with Clomid. My doc gave me the same instructions too. Well I hope we both get BFP!!! That would be so great. Are you charting your BBT? I am, and it looks like a roller coaster. I have no idea when or if I've O'd. I guess it takes a couple months to really be able to read them. Lots of baby dust coming your way!


MollieJo - August 23

Hi! I am also on cd15 and getting my progestrone level checked on Aug 29th. This is my 2nd round of Clomid 50mg. On my first round I had sore boobs and twitching in my stomach so I thought I was going to get a positive. No such luck. AF showed up on cd25. If you use OPK's and get positive LH surge you can test 10 days after that. Or 9 days after you ovulate using the BBT. I can't read my chart either b/c it's hard for my to get up at the same time everyday. I swing shifts between 2nd and 3rd. I got a positive OPK on cd16 last time. I think they are easier to read than the chart. Good luck to you both!


Tracy88 - August 23

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but do not read into any symptoms you have in your TWW if you took clomid. You will feel PG with sore boobs and all. I thought I was PG everytime. I know it's hard not to obsess over every little feeling, but for some reason that drug really has a way of making you feel every symptom in the book. Good luck and just try to stick it out with a good book and lots of movies.



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