Surrogate Mother
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Peggy A. - September 17

I am infertile, and lately my husband and I have investigated using a surrogate mother. I'm still quite nervous at this idea. Has anybody out there taken this same route? How was the experience?


cha-cha - June 10

choosing a surrogate mother is a tough decision to is not an easy process since you need to go through some interviewing and checking on their may be a great option for some but we cannot deny the fact that this process can cost you thousands of dollars.


thisbe - June 28

surrogacy is a very expensive procedure. aside from that, it's a long and tedious process that requires a lot of patience on the part of the intended parents. however, regardless of the cost, time and other factors, surrogacy process can complete a family by giving child to those who aren't able to conceive. good luck!


samantha - August 1

i am not against surrogacy.i think it's a good option than adoption.but the process is way too long and way too expensive which i think is not convenient for everyone.



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