Sucess Stories with Elevated or Borderline FSH
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Morrison1 - June 2

Hello everyone. I have had two m/c since Feb. '06 and had thought I had a luteal phase defect and have been in acupuncture to lengther my LP (which has worked, by the way). However, my FSH results came back at 11.2 on Wednesday, so I am pretty sad about it. It's isn't a complete death sentence, but those of you who have gone through it know it isn't good, either. I know there are a few others out there like me and what we could really use are some success stories involving elevated FSH numbers (basically, anything over the customary 10, but any successes are welcome). If you have one, or know one, please feel free to share. It would really help to lift our spirits. Thank you, and best wishes and baby dust to all of you.



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