Successful ovulation on what dosage of Clomid?
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pj - May 4

hi TracyR. My cycle with 50mg CD3-7 also failed. I am due to start a new 100mg cycle. I am just interested in one thing. When I was on clomid, I had regular ultrasounds, and that showed that my follicles didnt even grow to the critical size, so the question of ovulation didnt occur. so just interested, did your follicles atleast grow...I believe the critical size is 19-20mm (unless I am wrong), after this, either you can wait for ovulation to happen naturally (and most ly it does occur) or you can get a trigger shot to induce ovulation


pj - May 4

Sorry I pressed submit unintentionally. Congrats BabyDreams26. I have seen a few other threads you were on. You really deserve a healthy and happy 9months. So what do you want - boy or girl


BabyDreams26 - May 4

I just want a healthy, normal baby...I don't really care which sex it is. We have names picked out already for both! lol*


UNIQUE1 - May 4

Hi ladies, This is my first post. I have been reading for several months now. I started my 1st round of clomid on 4/9 which was cd 5-9 at 50mg. My progesteron was drawn on cd 21 and came back at 23. I did a pregnancy test this morning on cd 30 and bam ++++++. Im so excited !!! This is my second pregancy, the first one ended in a miscarriage so I am a litter nervous but Im going to keep positive. Also my B-day is Saturday so this is the best present I could ask for.


BabyDreams26 - May 4

Congrats they know why you miscarried last time?? Were you on Clomid that cycle??


TracyR - May 6

pj, MY doctor hasn't been monitoring me with ultrasounds yet. We already know that I have PCOS and lots of cysts, but he hasn't wanted to monitor me yet at all while doing the clomid... which kind of irritates me. I haven't even gotten AF this cycle either so Monday I have to call the Dr's office and see what he has to say. I'll let you know.


pj - May 6

You know TracyR last month, I had to have provera to induce Af. Apparently it happens sometimes, when you dont ovulate...but i normally used to have Af naturally, even if it was irregular. ...or you could get lucky and be dust...


TracyR - May 12

PJ, I have to take provera to have AF. I haven't had a natural period since I was a teenager. I had to take it last cycle and I am currently taking it this cycle. My doctor's office told me to take the provera for a week and this time take 100mgs of Clomid on CD 2-9!!! I did 50mgs on CD 5-9 the first cycle with a day 23 progesterone level of 1.6, and the second cycle I took 100mgs of Clomid on CD 5-9 with a day 23 progesterone of 2.3. The nurse at the doctor's office said that this is my last shot and if I don't ovulate this month I have to go back and we have to re-evaluate things, that Clomid might not work for me. But has anyone heard of taking clomid on CD's 2-9??? I am just curious. I am also on Metformin-500mgs, three times daily. Thanks for any replies!


pj - May 15

I have also been upped to clomid-100 CD3-7...I think there is a separate thread called "clomid on wierd days" check it out. I am on CD-43..also waiting for Af...I will give it another week and then start provera


AliciaO - May 15

Hello Ladies! I am going to start my third round of prescribed Clomid as soon as I finish taking this stupid provera pills again! I have never had regular periods ever and I am 25 years old. Each time before starting clomid they have had to induce a period with 10mg of Provera. My first two rounds taking 50mg then 100mg I didn't O. They also did an ultrasound last month on day 15 only to find that I had no dominate follicles and my largest one was only 9mm (it should have been around 18mm). So here I sit, 4 more days till AF, then I will start 150mg of Clomid and have an ultrasound half way thru. For some reason I am just not very excited anymore. I enjoy comming on here though as it makes me feel quite a bit better to hear all of your eventual success stories. So good luck to you all, I will keep you posted!


AliciaO - May 15

Oh, I forgot to mention my side effects as I have had some bad ones! On 50mg I only really had some horrible headaches on the first day and the third. I had some cramping and some breast pain but nothing too bad. However, on 100mg I had the craziest visual side effects ever! I called me doctor as the clomid bottle says that visual side effects are considered normal and then a few lines later they say that they can be a sign of an overdose! Crazy huh?!? Anyway my DR said it was ok but let me tell you ladies, if I had ever taken LSD I highly suspect that this is what it would have been like! I saw long colorful nonexistant shadows on every single thing that moved! It was crazy and I didn't like it, but that was really all, I didn't get the headaches nearly as bad this time or the cramping/boob pain. So good luck ladies, call your pharmacist or DR if you have any unusual symptoms! Baby Dust!


pj - May 17

AliciaO...You have totally scared me. Af is expected anytime, well it was expected earlier than now. as soon as that happens, I go on 100mg I have to hope that I dont have the visual s/e you are talking about... why is it that for some people getting pregnant is so damn easy....



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