Successful ovulation on what dosage of Clomid?
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TracyR - April 21

Hi Ladies! I was just wondering for those of you with PCOS or who have ovulation disorders and are on Clomid... What dosage of Clomid did it take for you to successfully ovulate? I did my first cycle of 50mgs on CD 5-9 and my progesterone level was only 1.6 so this month it was upped to 100mgs on CD 5-9 and I had my blood drawn for the progesterone test today, but I seriously think that this cycle was a bust too. I have been charting my bbt and not seeing much of a spike. Yesterday it was up a bit, but back down today to where it usually is. Thank you to everyone who responds and good luck and baby dust to us all!!!


MuzikGurl - April 22

I took two rounds of clomid 50 mgs each on days 6-10 and I'm now 6 weeks pregnant.


DB - April 22

I have PCOS and on my first round of clomid at 50mg my progesterone was 4. I'm starting 100mg on Monday in hopes of better progesterone results. I am curious to see how your progesterone will differ this cycle. Keep us updated!!


ROBYN - April 22

If you dont mind me joining. I am starting my second round of Clomid tomorrow 4/23 on cd 3-7 100mg my progesterone was only 2.8 last month and just got AF yesterday by myself for the 1st time in a very long time. Always brought on by provera and prometrium. My RE wanted me in the morning for a U/S everything look ok my left side fallopian tube they said is dialted which is where all of my problems are. Good luck


TracyR - April 23

I'll keep you ladies posted on my progesterone #'s this time. It's very strange though... 50mgs of Clomid for the first cycle made me feel AWFUL!!! But I've hardly had any side effects with 100mgs... just crampier lately. I hope that I haven't become clomid resistant already! That would be terrible! Thanks for the responses.


BabyDreams26 - April 23

My first round of Clomid at 50mg I did not cd21 prog. level was0.8!! So, I completely understand where you are coming from! I took 100mg this cycle (cd5-9) and I go for my prog. level check and Clomid pelvic check tomorrow...I will keep you updated. My temps are a little higher than I am used to 97.8-98.1 ( I am usually around 96.8ish most all the time) and in the evening my temps have been like 98.8-99.2 (wierd, huh?). I am not really sure what is going on here. MuzikGurl-What kind of symptoms if any did you have before you found out you were pg on Clomid?? I have been told some of the things I am feeling right now could just be caused my Clomid in general!! This 2ww sucks!!! Baby dust...


MuzikGurl - April 23

BabyDreams26, I didn't experience the same symptoms on round two as I did on round one. First round I had cramping starting on the 3rd day on clomid and then I ovulated for 10 days then on day 11 I dropped on my temps and had AF...ob/gyn and I think that is the way my body will do second round I took same mgs. same days everything kept the same EXCEPT... I did not have any cramping on clomid and I didn't ovulate until day 17ish I believe that was later then the first month when I did ovulate I had some mild cramping and that was really it I saw my dr. in the middle of my ovulating and he said that I should start AF in a week so, I agreed and he gave me 100 mgs of clomid to take and that was that until....after day 10dpo I noticed on day 11 I didn't drop my temps...I waited I did noticed the same night I was waking up in the middle of the night to go pee I never go pee in the middle of the night....I also the next morning I felt kinda I had a small stomach ache I didn't wanna eat cause I was afraid I would throw it up...I called my dr. and he said to come in that day for a pg. test and I did. all this time my boobs did hurt off and on but I normally get that around AF time. The test came out faintly positive. I couldn't believe it so on day 14 I took a hpt but it was neg. I weas confussed meanwhile I was still feeling queasy and cramping all of a a pulling feeling...I thought oh well maybe the drs. test is wrong and I'm about to start AF...but, I waited until 16dpo very faintly positive on a hpt...on 18dpo I decided to splurge and get a digital this for sure will tell me yes or no point blank. So, I took it and it seemed like ti too forever but I checked it and it did say "PREGNANT" big bold letters. So, I left it alone and agreed maybe my hormones weren't strong enough until 18dpo for a hpt to pick up a positive. That's why you can't believe everything you read on the boxes you buy for the pg test at the stores they jsut say that just so you will buy the product. I tell people now after learning and wasting money that if you think you are pg. you should so into the drs. office and ask for a pg. test better yet a blood pg test. I haven't done one yet but probably will on my next appt. Wait for 14dpo if af doesn't arrive then go into a planned parenthood or a free government clinic or some hospitals do it for free too or if you have a dr. ask for a pg. test. don't rely on hpt to give you pos. results no sooner than 15+dpo...they aren't always accurate on every woman. The only symptoms I had before going in was : peeing at nights or more often than usual, cramping off and on, boobs hurt off and on, pukey feeling, very tired-exhausted. After I found out and currently I have: all the above but more boobs hurting no so much cramping but I do get a sharp pain at least once or twice a day or if I move wrong, definately more pukey feelings-don't wanna eat hardly, constipated, bloated feeling, VERY tired, out of breath a little bit, my hips and back of my legs are starting to ache a little if I walk for a long time but that could be cause I am already overweight. I can't sleep comfortably anymore because I am naturally a stomach sleeper but now it hurts to sleep on my stomach and they say don't sleep on ur back cause it puts the uterus against ur pelvic bone and it could hurt the baby and it's best to sleep on ur left side so the baby gets more oxygen and blood flow and ur organs don't have to work so hard to meet the supply and demand of everyday things that you do. But so far that is all a few headaches here and there but nothing too bad I know some women who have it worse than I do so I am not complaining too try not to...this is my first and my hubby's first, I am my parents only hope for a grandchild and my hubby's mom's only hope for one lots of pressure hoping the baby will be very beautiful and very healthy....I wish you the best of luck...if anymore questions just ask...take care!


ROBYN - April 24

I had awful symptoms with round one and the hcg shot. What do you expect with round 2 at 100mg. I started today. Just curious if anyone can pre warn whats coming with symptoms.


BabyDreams26 - April 24

I didn't have the HCG trigger shot, but my 100mg cycle was about the same as the 50mg cycle...maybe the hot flashes were a littl worse and a little more moody...Good luck to you!


TracyR - April 24

ROBYN, my cycle on 100mgs was WAT easier than with 50mgs... Other than I have been very crampy the last few days. Maybe even though I haven't ovulated by my BBT chart, I am hoping that I will get my period on my own. I am CD 25 today though and I hope that AF holds off for a few days yet. Especially since Thursday is my 30th birthday!


BabyDreams26 - April 24

TracyR-I am cd24 and af is due around the bbt shows i did ovulate around cd17 and i got two positive opk's on the 16th so I think this could be possible...i am praying no af, but BFP!!! Baby dust...


TracyR - April 28

Well BabyDreams26... any news? I'm thinking of you... any everyone else here. Thank you to everyone who posted responses. Well, I said that I would let you know what my progesterone level was this cycle after 100mgs on days 5-9. It was only 2.3!!! But that's better than the 1.6 that I had on 50mgs. But I was hoping for a much bigger jump than that! Has anyone had a similar experience and gone on to get pregnant on Clomid? Also does anyone know what is the highest dosage that you can do with Clomid? I've never heard of anyone going any higher than 150mgs. But I'm learning as I go along here. You all really help. Oh yes... and yesterday was my 30th birthday and I can't help but here my stepmothers voice in my head... She always has said... that if you don't start your family before you're 30 then your baby will be born mentally handicapped (OK so she actually says something far more derogatory than that). I am well aware that she is full of it and she's definately not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it still bothers me to know that that is what she is saying... and she truly believes it. Oh well... I know better and I just hope that this all happens for us all very soon! Baby dust to everyone!


sheryl1974 - April 28

I did one round of 50mg on days 3-7 and it didn't work. I did 100mg on second round and it worked. Just hoping now for baby


Staci - April 28

In Nov. I did a round of Clomid 50mg CD 1-5, and nada. This past time I did 50mg cd 3-8 and I got a +OPK, but I had a short luteal phase. This time I am on 100 mg cd3-8 and I go in on day 20. Wishing you all the best of luck!


ROBYN - April 28

Tracy - Happy belated 30th b-day. Obviously dont listen to your step mother. I dont understand the progesterone crap. My U/S is on May 3rd as well as the other level checks. I am just worried if this dosage even is going to work. On the 50mg I did get a 21mm egg on my left side they said everything looked great but that is where all my problems are. On my right side they saw a lot of possibilities but none matured. Then my low progesterone level on Cd23 (they wanted to make sure the HCG shot was out of my system) So I will probably have the trigger shot next wednesday my RE already gave me the prescription for it. after the results from U/S and other level checks. It will suck to have to up the dosage again next month if this doesnt work. I hate feeling like this. I am sure most of you feel the same way. I just want to see if I O'd that would be cool. Plus i'm getting married in 9 days with the timing of everything it would be on my weddintg night!!!! How cool my future kid could figure out the dates and find out his mom and dad boinked on their wedding night and got preggo with him/her. Good luck to everyone!!!


BabyDreams26 - May 4

Well...I am pregnant!!!!!!!! The 2nd round of 100mg Clomid worked! I ovulated and conceived! We are soooooo excited. My first OB appt is next Wednesday... I am still in shock and nervous, but I will keep you posted. Baby dust!!!


pj - May 4

hi TracyR. My cycle with 50mg CD3-7 also failed. I am due to start a new 100mg cycle. I am just interested in one thing. When I was on clomid, I had regular ultrasounds, and that showed that my follicles didnt even grow to the critical size, so the question of ovulation didnt occur. so just interested, did your follicles atleast grow...I believe the critical size is 19-20mm (unless I am wrong), after this, either you can wait for ovulation to happen naturally (and most ly it does occur) or you can get a trigger shot to induce ovulation



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