Success with Vitex?
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BB - December 8

Ladies, I have just started taking Vitex (in a liquid form 2mg per day). I have read up on it and it sounds like something suitable for me. I have slight endometriosis - so I have PMS bad and cramping. Started taking Vitex two weeks prior to my period and it has made me feel calmer. Only prob is that I felt like throwing up this morning...can't be pg as I have a normal bleed with my AF right now. Should I have stopped taking Vitex during AF? I read that it is ok to take all the way through cycle. Who else out there has used Vitex? Perhaps I should switch to Fertility Blend or herbal teas? I want to be pg so bad - been trying for two years and m/c three months ago. At 37 am feeling like time is running out :(


sandra - December 10

hi BB, sorry you not feeling too good. I am on my 2nd cycle of vitex. I take 4 x 400mg capsules per day and have noticed a considerable difference in my AF cycle. they are more regular. When I first started it I also had a really upset stomach and I wasnt sure if it was the Vitex or not. It has now gone away and I feel a lot better. I have had an ectopic preg and only have one ovary and tube left. I have two kids already. One is 9 and the other is 5. I have been ttc for around 5 months now but only taking the vitex for 2. I am 34 and also feel "old". Keep with it, once it settles into your system you should feel better. I have heard the liquid form is very good. It should be taken right through the cycle. Good luck



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