Success with IUI?
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Chrissy - March 23

I just had my first IUI on Sunday and now I am in the 2ww. I really want this to work, but I realize it's only the first try. Is there anyone out there who's had success with their first IUI? Thanks. :)


Jen - June 10

I know exactly how you feel. I just had an IUI done on Monday for the first time. This 2 week wait is awful. Does anyone have anything to say to make me feel better.


shen - June 13

hi, i'm planning to do iui soon...i'll be taking the injections to stimulate ovulation first then followed by the iui...since u all have experience on this, please tell me how often are the injections and are they painful??


sutuan - June 13

i also been through IUI 3x but nothings happen. i felt so bad... my husband had very low sperm count.


Justine - June 13

Good luck with the IUI. I didn't do IUI (we have male infertility issues and our hospital will only use IVF with ICSI for that) but I had success with my first IVF with ICSI and am now 18 weeks. Babydust to all of you.
Shen - I had 2 injections a day on IVF in my stomach - they did hurt me because I'm very thin (for other people they don't hurt at all) but it only hurt for 5 mins - its not that bad and you get used to it. It's like when you have a blood test done. If you're thin it's best to sit slouched so your stomach fat sticks out and then it doesn't hurt.



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