Success with frozen embryos?
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Lisa - July 14

I recently miscarried at 11 weeks. It was my second IVF cycle (I was lucky enough that my first attempt was successful and we now have a 23 month old son). The second attempt wasn't so good. My HCG levels were really low from the beginning and I had some bleeding.But I was actually released from my fertility doctor, and we thought everything was fine, until my well visit at my OB/GYN. That's when I found out I miscarried. I was totally shocked - I had no idea. No cramping, no bleeding - no signs whatsoever. So, now I'm just waiting for my period, so that we can try again. We have 10 frozen embryos from our last IVF cycle - but I'm nervous about whether or not the transfer will be a success. Has anyone transfered frozen embryos - and if so, did you have a successful pregnancy?


Jennee - July 14

HI Lisa! I just did a frozen embryo transfer on June 27th. We transferred to blastocytes which is basically a day 5 embryo. I'm not sure what kind of embryos you have. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and so far so good. My first attempt at in vitro ended up in a chemical pregnancy. So needless to say, I petrified this time that something will go wrong. So far though my HCG is up to 2440 at 5 weeks and we saw the gestational sac yesterday on ultrasound. Were your HCG levels doubling? THat was my problem in the first pregnancy. They started off really low and then never got into a doubling pattern. Good Luck and keep in touch.


Lena - July 15

I have my master in Theriology and transfer frozen embryos to approx 20-50 mares every year. We'll use 4 embryos per cycle. Approximately 50% deliver a live foal. With 10 embryos I would predict your odds are good.



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