Success with Clomid?
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Hula - July 6

We recently decided to start ttc. I went to my OBGYN and have a preconception interview. I have irregualr periods so she decided to have me chart my BBT. I am going in to have Lab tests to see if i am ovualting. I will start my first round of clomid next month. Has anyone here at experience with Clomid? How many rounds till you were pregnant? Any serious side effects? Any info would be great.


Drew - July 6

Hi Hula! This is the end of my second cycle of Clomid, and I go for a blood hcg today. So, I'm not sure yet if it worked, but I can tell you about some of the side effects. I get really moody, and it usually lasts up till ovulation. Same with hot flashes, their terrible right up till ovulation, and then still there after, but not as bad It can cause hostile/dry cervical mucas, but the risk of multiples is small, only about 10%. But there are some women who feel nothing, no symptoms at all, it just totally depends on the woman. You should expect ovulation 5-8 days after you have taken the last pill, if you are on an effective dose. Good luck, and hope this helps!!! :)


Kelly - July 6

Hi Hula - I started with 50 mg - no side effects. 100 mg - no side effects. 150mg - minimal side effects but that was the dose that really worked! I had 4 large follicles. The only downside is that my lining got really thin and they think that is why I just m/c. so I'm taking a month off to give my body a break and go for it next month.


Drew - July 7

Thanks for the Information ladies. I have another question. Do either of you know the rate of m/c with Clomid. I dont know if its high/low? Im just curious.


Kelly - July 7

Im not to informed, this may be a stupid question. How does the thinning of the lining contribute to a m/c?


ttcinNJ - July 7

Kelly - when the uterine lining is too thin, the fertilised egg is unable to implant. You need a thick enough lining for it to implant and to become a viable pregnancy. Most women who are put on clomid are also prescribed with Progesterone supplements, the progesterone thickens up the uterine lining in order to aid a successful implant.

hope this helps,


Sorry meant To Kelly - July 7

Im Hula iasked the question...thnx for the info


Hula - July 7

Thnx NJ...So maybe when i visit her at the end of the month shell also prescribe the Progeterone w/ the Clomid?


Hula - July 7

Is there any Progesterone Supplement available over the counter? Or is it all prescribed?


Amber - July 21

I've only done one round of clomid so far. I'm not pregnant yet but the only side effect I had was terrible headaches. I called the pharmacist and they said I could take ibuprofin with it so that helped a lot, it only lasted the first 2 days. The rest I had no side effects.


Success - July 21

Hi! clomid does work. I was on 50mg for 6 months. It worked on the last month. I have a healthy 5 year old.



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