Success w/ IUI & Gonal-F
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chele - February 21

Hi, I will be starting my 4th & last IUI this next cycle. However, it will be the 2nd one on Gonal-F. I was given the lowest dose of 75units the last time and have now been moved up to 150units for this next cycle. I was looking for encouragement through any of you have conceived by doing IUI and Gonal-F and wondering what dose you were on when you conceived. Thank you!


Tracy88 - February 21

I got PG in August on 75iu's of gonal-f and back to back IUI's. I am currently 27 weeks. All it took was once cycle, thank God. I wish you lots of luck!


angelkitty - February 22

Tracy88 - how long had you been trying to get pregnant and what had you been through at that point. I just did 1 IUI w/ clomid and if it does not work I will probably do another. I o ok on my own and even better on the clomid - had you ever tried clomid? Were you oing ojk on your own?


chele - February 23

Tracy88, I have not heard from you in awhile. I so glad to hear that everything is going well w/ you and your baby. Angelkitty, I am in the same boat as you... but unfortunately it had not worked for me. We found out my FSH levels are a little high. My RE say's he likes to see them 10 or under and mine was 11.3 or 4 if I remember correctly. So I had to move on to Gonal-F to try and help that.


Tracy88 - February 26

I had been trying to get PG for two years. I tried naturally for a year, using OPK's etc.... When that did not work, I did clomid for three cycles, and when that failed I was emotionally exhausted. By then I had already had the HSG and post coital test, so I took a break and changed doctors. The first thing I did with the new doctor was Laparoscopic surgery and then one month later did my cycle of injectables with IUI's. I ovulated on my own even before clomid, but the lap showed things going on in there that were probably impeding pregnancy. Chele, I am still around. I am on both this board and the pregnancy board. I still have a lot of friends over here that I like to encourage and support, so I visit quite regularly. I am now 28 weeks pg and have to say, ready to have this baby. It puts so much strain on your body it's incredible. I'm psyched, yet so ready for the 9 months to be over! You can see my pics at maymommies(dot)piczo(dot)com and click on Tracy88. You will see the belly and my 3D scan from Friday of the rugrat. Good luck guys. let me know if you have any more questions. i am so tired right now that I'm not even sure I'm making sense anymore, so I will check on you soon.


chele - February 26

Tracy88, Hi there! When you had the lap done did is show lot's of scar tissue, etc. or just mild but still discouraged conception? Wow, I remember when you 1st announced you were pregnant... now 28 weeks! That's terrific. I tried going to your site but I couldn't get in.... Do you have names picked out yet?



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