Success story after 18 months ttc
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babybaby - February 3

Hi everyone! I just want to share my BFP with you guys because I always wanted to read success stories to keep me going. It happened this month after 18 months ttc. Dh and I have unexplained infertility. I'm 25, dh is 29 and all the exams showed that there was nothing wrong with us. We tried femara 2.5 mg 2 x a day alone for a cycle and nothing. Then we did femara with IUI and got a bfn, then on our 3rd month on femara we did a combo of 5 days on femara plus 6 days on Gonal-F (75IU) then ovidrel shot and our 2nd IUI. I had 3 great size eggs and several small ones. It worked on our 2nd IUI!!!!!!! I was so desperate thinking that I would never get pg and it happened all of a sudden. This month I tried not to worry about my symptoms, when I felt something different I would tell myself that it was from the shots. I started feeling different on day 10. I was very sleepy every evening and very hungry, but feeling full even though I was hungry. My bbs were a little sore when I touched them, but my nipples were very sensitive. I started getting very tired about 6 hours after I woke up every day and again in the evenings. I took a pg test on day 3, 6, 8, 9 to see if the ovidrel shot was out of my system. Day 3 was still full on, by day 8 I could barely see the line and then on day 9 there was nothing. I started testing again on day 12 and got a very, very, very faint positive. I took a 2nd test that day and got another one. Day 13 I took 3 tests and the line was a little darker so I went and got a blood pg test to confirm. Day 14 I got the confirmation of our BFP. We have been hoping for this moment for so long and it has finally arrived!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys all get it soon. I'm spreading lots of BFPs and baby dust to all of you. It will happen soon, you'll see. Thanks for sharing this special moment with me. Feel free to ask me any question, ok? I'll be more than happy to help. Take care and good luck!!!!!


chele - February 4

Babybaby, Wow that is so exciting! Wonderful news!!! You may not remember me, but we chatted a bit on the "Michigan Gals" thread. If I remember correctly didn't Cheri do a prediciton for you that said you would find out in Jan? January was 15 months ttc for us, and I'm waiting on my bfp now.... I'm hoping, but not sure because I have the feeling of af coming in that area like I do each month. Ok, I do have questions for you.... when you tested on day 14, when did you count day 1 (day after trigger?) Also, did you have any af feelings or many others have, the cramping? Did you have any type of feelings (negative or positive)? Again, I am so happy for you!!!! :0) CONGRATULATIONS!


LIN - February 4

Congratulations, Babybaby! That story was very inspiring. This cycle is #18 for dh and I, and it's my first cycle on injectables (Follistim 125 IU per day for ~8 days + Ovidrel + IUI). I hope your baby dust rubs off on me! : )


aish - February 4

gr888 congrats....enjoy ur 9 months..


mother2Bsoon - February 4

What a mighty blessing and a source of encouragement!!!


dani3 - February 4

Congrats babybaby. Have a happy & healthy 9 months:)


babybaby - February 5

Hi Chele, of course I remember you! I counted the day of the trigger as day 1. I did not have normal af cramps untill after I found out I was pg. My bbs were very sore and I was very sleepy so I took a test at 12dpo and saw a faint line, then I took another one at 13dpo along with bw and got the confirmation. On 14dpo I started cramping and feeling wet down there. These cramps are different. Have you had an IUI? If not have you had a HSG? The cramps that I am having are similar to the ones you get after those procedures. It's like your uterus is scratched and your muscles are sore. Sometimes I feel like af is coming down so I run to the bathroom and is just tons of discharge (TMI). I was sure that this was going to be another bfn just because I didn't feel pg at all. I still don't! If it wasn't for my bbs I wouldn't even know I'm pg. It really surprised me because I had already scheduled another appointment with the re to discuss a new plan for the next cycle According to a pregancy calculator I am starting week 5 today so it's very exciting! I hope Cheri is right for you. Good luck and keep me posted!!!


babybaby - February 5

Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the messages. I hope you all get you bfps soon. Do not get desperate if you feel like af is coming because that is very common to feel so don't give up on the cycle untill the witch is really here. Good luck and sticky baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lovemy3 - February 5



Mega - February 5

What a great story! Congrats! Have a healthy, happy 9 mos!


Anny - February 5




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