Success stories with IUI and Clomid
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lynnee - October 28

Hi, Girls:
I am thinking of doing IUI with Clomid next month, but success rate seems quite low. Should I just go for IUI with injectable? Really confused. any success stories can keep me going? also how many times did you do before becoming pregnant?? Thank you


wannabeamom - October 29

Hi lynee! I did IUI with Clomid and an injectible. I forget which one. I got pg on the first try but I miscarried. We had sex the next day after IUI to add to our odds. I read you can have sex the 1st, 2nd & 3rd night after the IUI to increase your chances. I wish you all the babydust. GL.


cspears99 - October 29

Hi Lynnee my husband and I did three rounds of IUI's with Clomid and all failed, we are now trying the IUI with injectibles, they say the odds are doubled, so we'll see, but I have a friend that got pg with her first IUI and clomid? I agree though the odds aren't great but its a good start?? a cheaper one anyone, I wish you the best!!!


cspears99 - October 29

One more thing we were told to have sex only every other night, not every night because even though a man ejaculates there isn't always sperm swimming so to many times in a row will leave a time without any sperm in the semen, good luck!!


lynnee - October 29

Thanks for your reply! wannabeamon and cspears99. success rate is so low, and maybe I should do IUI with injectible? good luck for you two.


tonyaandjoe - October 29

if you don't mind me asking what is IUI?


lynnee - October 29

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), or Artificial insemination (AI) is when sperm is placed into a female's uterus (intrauterine), or cervix (intracervical) using artificial means rather than by natural copulation. Modern techniques for artificial insemination were first developed for the dairy cattle industry to allow many cows to be impregnated with the sperm of a bull with traits for improved milk production.
In humans artificial insemination is usually part of an infertility treatment; either the woman's partner's sperm (artificial insemination by husband, AIH) or donor sperm (artificial insemination by donor, AID) can be used. Earlier, a popular form of artificial insemination was AIC, in which the sperm of the husband and a donor were mixed. The advantage of this procedure was that it could not be conclusively stated that the husband was not the father of the child. This was important in an age where artificial insemination was considered to be immoral and tantamount to adultery, with the resulting child being considered as illegitimate and having no inheritance rights. With the acceptance of artificial insemination in society, the popularity of AIC waned.

The woman's menstrual cycle is closely observed, using ovulation kits, ultrasounds or blood tests. When an ovum is released, semen from a donor is inserted into her body. Just as with in vitro fertilization, the male donor is recommended not to ejaculate for a few days before the procedure. This is to ensure a higher sperm count. After the donation the sperm must immediately be “washed” in a laboratory. The process of “washing” the sperm increases the chances of fertilization and removes any chemicals in the semen that may cause discomfort for the woman. A chemical is added to the sperm that will separate the most active sperm in the sample. If the procedure is successful, she conceives and bears to term a baby as normal, making her both the genetic and gestational mother.

Of course, there are various gradations of treatment, and more technical procedures are sometimes needed. For example, semen can be injected directly into a woman's uterus to improve the chance of conception in a process called intrauterine insemination.

Artificial insemination has become a significant issue in recent years, particularly in debates revolving around surrogate parenting. Legal issues have arisen in cases where the gestational (and possibly genetic) mother decides to keep the child. Likewise, there have been debates over the rights of sperm donors.


SashaP - October 30

I got pregnant 2 out of three times with an IUI clomid cycle. But I had a miscarriage both times. I'll try again in a few more months. My Dr told me b/c I get pg so easy with it my chances are almost 100% that I'll get pg any cycle with them. Otherwise she gives people a 18% chance of getting pg with IUI and clomid. Good luck!!


Tink - October 30

i've done 2 IUI/clomid cycles with no luck. i had 7 mature follies and 4 eggs ovulated both times and still nothing. i think i have lining/sticking problems. we are moving on to injectables now. we started with the iui/clomid because of cost. my u/s are covered, but drugs are not. so $30 clomid is much less than thousands for injectables. luckily they had a sample cartridge for me from the drug rep for my first injectable cycle! saved me like $300-$400! i also am on low dose, so it is cheaper for me at least.


lynnee - October 30

Hi, Ladies, thank you for replying~
SashaP, have you tried to find out the reason for your MC? maybe you can do something for it and next time no MC but PG!
Answer: I got pregnant 2 out of three times with an IUI clomid cycle. But I had a miscarriage both times. I'll try again in a few more months. My Dr told me b/c I get pg so easy with it my chances are almost 100% that I'll get pg any cycle with them. Otherwise she gives people a 18% chance of getting pg with IUI and clomid. Good luck!!

Tink : Wish you got PG with injectable.


tonyaandjoe - November 2

thanks lynnee for explaining it to me.


whynotme - November 2

Just thought that I would give you all a little hope. I did 4 IUI's and 3 on Clomid with a double ovidrel trigger shot. Got pregnant on the 4th IUI. It can be a little frustrating, but I think that chances are better when a fertility specialist gets involved, rather then just going it alone. It can/will happen and because of the cost of injectibles, I am super glad I didn't have to go that route! Good luck!


quenn - November 3

how much does the IUI cost if your insurance does not cover it.


cspears99 - November 3

Hi quenn, the cost for us here in Northern Ca, was about 1800-total for everything including the clomid, u/s all visits, and that is with no coverage, good luck!!


SashaP - November 4

They did test the babies from the first m/c b/c I had a D&C. The pathology report came back that the twin died and put the other one into shock. I had a u/s the day before to check viability and only 1 baby had a heartbeat. They weren't sure if the twin just hadn't started beating yet or if it had died already. They were measuring almost 2 weeks apart and the twin was not on the u/s at 5 wks so it was a big suprise to even see a 2nd baby. The 2nd m/c was so early they think it was a bad egg. I knew something was wrong very quickly. I'm waiting on results now from my thrombotic risk panel I had done 2 wks ago to see if I have any clotting disorders. There is not much other testing they can do since I had a ton of fertility testing done so they know me inside in out. The Dr thinks they were both flukes. Have you decided whether or not to do the injectibles or clomid?


lynnee - November 4

Hi, everyone.
It is a very nice Saturday morning here. My desire for a body comes stronger and stronger. It is really a kind of wired feeling from no baby to desperately for a baby! I will see my RE on Monday for the first time, and then I will decide what I am going to do. Clomid seems not so promising.
SashaP, wish you luck for next time.


slowpoke01 - November 5

i did 2 iuis with clomid. 1st one just clomid and iui the 2nd one clomid, follicle monitoring, and hcg trigger shot and iui. i got pregnant on the 2nd one and i think it was because it was timed better with the monitoring and the trigger shot. unfortunately i had to terminate because it was a tubal pregnancy. the doc said that was really unusual. he said that it was like a 1% chance of having a tubal for anyone getting pregnant and that i just had a run of bad luck. good luck and dont give up hope. i was on 50 mg clomid on cd 3-7 on both cycles. i get to try again in dec. because he wanted me to wait 3 months and give my tube time to heal.



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