Stupid Me Please help explain the "Cycle"
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Suzan - June 23

HI I recently started 50mg of clomid on Monday and I am very excited to get started! I am really having a hard time grasping this whole cycle thing, could anyone please explain this to me in lamins terms? I don't understand when the "cycle" starts I started my clomid on days 4 to 8 of my mense cycle, does the cycle start from the first day of your mense?? and then count 14 days from there for ovulation? God I guess I should have paid attention in Health class when I was younger!! I find this all so confusing, I want to know when I will be ovulating but this whole cycle this is confusing. also my doctor requested me to go for blood work this saturday that would be only 1 days after taking my last clomid tab is this too early to detect O?


S - June 24

Hi Suzan, Everyones cycle is different. I really think you should get an ovualtion preditor kit so you can be sure of when you are ovulating just becasue everyone ovulates at different times of their cycle. Good luck


Lena - June 24

With or withou clomid your cycle begins on the first day of menstral flow, not menstral spotting.

Ovulation typically occurs midway through the cycle. In an ideal situation ovulation would occur on day 14 of a 28 day cycle. Thats not how it always works out though. Its common for ovulation to occur 2 days before or 2 days after the 14 day mark. Some woman may even ovulate on day 8 or day 20. All is considered normal. The only sure way to know if you've ovulated is by blood test or u/s, though a follicle regression can be mistaken for a CL. If you not working in the care of a doctor than a home ovulation predictor would be your best guess. Basing your cycle on the population average just isn't reliable enough.

A blood test after taking Clomid is standard practise for your first cycle of Clomid. The doctor will compare it with the bloodtest you took around day 3 to evaluate the effectiveness of your clomid.


Drew - June 24

Lena is right, the first day of your cycle is the first day of actual bleeding, not spottiong. Generally on Clomid if you are at an effective dose for your body you should ovulate 5-8 days after your last pill, and af should start aprox. 3 weeks after your last pill. It is very confusing at first, but gets easier with each month! Lotsa luck!! :)


Suzan - June 24

thank you all for helping I really appreciate this site and all your help. I am also wondering how you know if your cycle is 28 days or 30 days or what? this may sound stupid as well but if you get your mense does that mean you ovulated?


Drew - June 24

Yes, if you get your period you should have ovulated. The only way to know how long your cycle is is to count the days, from the first day of real blood, to the first day of real blood the next month. You may have to keep track of it on a calander...its much easier! I usually circle the day bleeding starts, then put little c's on the days I take Clomid. About 5 dyas after I have taken the last Clomid, we start bd (baby dance) for at least a week, though this month it has been about 2 weeks just to make sure. If hubby has a normal sperm count every day is ok to bd. If its on the low side every other day is reccommended. Hope this helps, and good luck!! :)


Lena - June 25

I just wanted to point out that a period doesn't necessarily mean that you've ovulated. Your period starts when progesterone and LH Levels drop. A regressed follicle (follicle that shrinks instead of releases an egg) will also cause progesterone levels to drop.



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