stringy stretch mucous a day or 2 before af due...
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hopeful - August 17

I'm due for af in the next day or 2, going by my ov date and approx 13 day luteal phase. Yesterday twice and just now i have stringy stretchy white mucous at the vaginal opening(sorry for the description). I'm not used to getting this before af. It's not an infection i am well aware of what they are like ugh...what would this be. Is it a possible pregnancy symptom? It's not a lot. Just enough to notice and see it stringy and stretchy?


bump - August 17



marie - August 17

sounds like your lining breaking down. try to stay positive though


sj - August 17

I am still a few days from AF but having the same thing, only clear. I'll keep you posted.


hopeful - August 18

i didnt know lining would be white but ok. i really am 99% sure i'm not pregnant this month as we only were able to do it on ov day and next day which limits us to only 5% chance (i read this in my book).i never had this before my af but each month i seem to notice something different. to sj good luck. I had no stringy, stretchy today just wet clear like you. I'm due for af tomorrow i think



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