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mcdadebaby - July 6

Just want to thank everyone for their answer.. .my new husband and i have been ttc for about 1 year now. i try to take Ouvlex but no luck. what else can i do to help us get pregnant, does anyone know of a good doc. in dallas, tx


Ann1 - July 6

I've seen three different REs in the Dallas area, and the one I liked the most is Dr. Barnett. However, he is at Presby in Plano.


kristina1980 - July 7

Hi, I just wanted to ask you how long have you been taking Ovulex. I just started like 3 weeks ago. Period was supposed to start today but nothing happened. Hope it's a good sign. I can't help you with the doc's in TX I live in Alaska.


slowpoke01 - July 10

mcdadebaby my doc gave me a choice of the doctor in plano or shreveport and i chse shreveport because it was closer to me and i am familiar with it but i think that it was the same that ann recommended



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