Stress while TTC with IUI
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Cooper5450 - November 16

Does anyone if stress reduces your chances of concieving? My Dh and I have been ttc for about 2 years now. I just had my first IUI on 11/10. I am not doing very well with controlling stress in my life. My MIL is driving me crazy and tells me that if DH and I can't concieve the "natural" way then we shouldn't have one at all. I am also not a very patient person. I keep wanting to take a test but am afraid that it will not be the answer I want. Any support would be great. Anybody with similar experiences?


ginger6363 - November 16

I had an unsuccessful IUI last month. I don't know specifically if stress will lessen your conception chances with an IUI, but I do know that stress negatively affects your chances of conceiving, so you should try to minimize the stress in your life. (Easier said then done, I know) I can't believe your MIL would say such a thing!!! She obviously has no experience with infertility or she would never say such an insensitive thing. Best of luck!


Cooper5450 - November 16

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am hoping that stress doesn't do anything to hinder my chances of conception. I have been trying to limit my stress level but that is easier said than done. My MIL has always been very opinionated. She will never say it to DH but to me she always says something that is insane. However if I tell her something she will never believe it. Then if some random person tells her the same thing she thinks it is gospel... She told me that she doesn't think that IVF is natural and that she would rather see us adopt then to start IVF. In my mind that means she would rather not see a baby made from DH and I but someone we don't know. I am all for adoption if I can't have one of our own. Sorry for complaining... Just needed to get some stress out... Any ideas as to what I could do to take away some stress... Thanks for listening to me complain while I wait out the 2WW.


lovemy3 - November 18

Cooper...I am also in the 2ww, I'll wait with you. try not stress about your mil. I have been wondering about stress lately as well. I am 37 and ttc my 4th. I had my first 3, very easy, first month. We know have been ttc this time around 7 months with no avail. My youngest is 3 and I'm wondering if it is age. I am going to go into the dr in january and look into it. I am 5 dpo.


Cooper5450 - November 19

Hi Lovemy3... This 2WW is making me crazy. I am 8DPO. Do you think that it would be too early for me to do a HPT? I did get the Ovridel shot to induce O. Do you think that this will give me a false positive? My DH are trying for our first one. We can't wait to be parents. This is my first IUI and at first my RE told me that the Tamoxifen didn't work for me. That is just like Clomid. Luckily my CBE monitor told me 2 days after my first US that there was a high. I went in and then they said that there was on follicle that was mature. I got the Ovridel shot and then the next day went in for the IUI. The past few days, I don't feel as if I am having any symptoms of being pregnant but I want to try and be optomistic. Thanks for the advice with regards to my MIL. Hopefully, I will be able to get through the holidays without any problems. Only a few more days till my Beta. Have a good night.


lovemy3 - November 19

Hi there, I think it is definately too early for you to test. 10 dpo would be the earliest and if you can make 13 dpo that would be best. Hang in there, I know its tough, I'm 3 days behind you. I definately don't feel pregnant and think this month is a bust for some reason. I am not on any meds or anything just wing'in it-lol. I do use OPks however. Did you get a "peak" or just "high" on your monitor. I used it and never got "peak" only "high". Another past and closer to test day...sleep well!


Cooper5450 - November 19

I am feeling like it is never going to happen for me. Last night I broke down and took the HPT. I got a BFN. I would have thought that the Ovridel was still in my system and that I would have seen a BFP. The HPT test is pretty old and I don't know if it expired or not. I am hoping that there is still a chance but am feeling like it didn't work as well. I am 9DPO today. i am going to wait until I am 14DPO to take the next HPT. I am going out to get a new box of tests today. I did get a "peak" for 2 days on the monitor. I am hoping that is pretty accurate. Since you have already had 3 what are some of the pregnancy symptoms to look out for. Like right now I am feeling really dizzy and just want to lay down. I really don't know if that means anything.


lovemy3 - November 19

Symptoms are dizziness but I don't think this early...sounds like stress to me. try and realx and wait it out. Implantation still needs to occur at this point, usually 6 dpo. Stay relaxed and we need to wait it out. Was this your first time using the CBE monitor?


lovemy3 - November 19 are you feeling with the dizziness?


Cooper5450 - November 19

Hi Lovemy3... Feeling better now. My RE has me on prometrium which is progesterone. It says right on the bottle that it causes dizziness. My DH and I commute together in the morning so right after I take it I am in the car and get to sleep for at least 45 minutes to an hour. I think that with the combination of stress and the medicine not to mention being anxious is just all catching up to me. Thanks for asking though. How are you feeling? When do you go to see your doc next? I don't go until the Monday afer Thanksgiving. This just means it is going to be a long week for me. Not to mention I have to go to my MIL's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I am trying to keep my stress level down but it doesn't seem to be working. I have been using the CBE monitor for a while now. Before I barely saw the "Peak" but now I have seen it for the past 5 months. It is expensive but at least I think it is working now. How long have you been TTC for your 4th one? Hope that you had a good weekend. Thanks again for listening to me complain!!!


lovemy3 - November 20

Hey there, You are not complaining at all!! Hang in there. I have been t tcing #4 for 7 months now. I don't have a dr appt and have had no tests or anything yet. I am going to go in jan if nothing by then. Its just so weird to have 3 so easy and now issues. The positive thing about this experience is that it has given me a whole new compassion for infertility, as I knew nothing about it at all. I hope I will be used in some way some time to be a comfort to others in this boat. thats the positive side, the negative is that it is heartbreaking each month and the uncertanity of the future is hard to take. Lets hope and pray we all get our BFPs soon. I will keep you in my prayers. Happy Thanksgiving!! Up here ours is in October!


lovemy3 - November 20

P.S How old are you? I am 37.


javidsgirl - November 20

cooper i just wanted to say don't let you mil get to you she should appreicate a grandchild wheather it is conceived naturaly or not shame on her


Cooper5450 - November 20

Hi Lovemy3... I am 32 soon to be 33. It seems like we have been ttc for a long time. I keep thinking that when I was younger how hard we tried to not get pregnant and now that we desperately want a baby it is so hard. I get really frustrated and just keep thinking that this is going to be my month. My DH is really supportive and hopefully I will be telling everyone that I have a BFP in a few days. Then again this is my first IUI and I don't know what the success rate is for the first time. Not to mention the next step for me is injectibles and I am really afraid of needles. Good Luck this month. I really hope that you are going to tell me in the next few days that you have a BFP!


Cooper5450 - November 20

Hi javidsgirl... Thanks for the advice. My MIL is a piece of work. She always wants to get her way. When my DH and I catch her in lie she always tries to over compensate. Last week she told me that she thinks her dog is going to die and that is why we have to have Thanksgiving at her house. Then when DH asks her about it she says that she never said that. She is passive agressive and is a firm believer that if you can't have a baby without help then you shouldn't have one at all. I am somewhat afraid that if she finds out that I got pregnant from and IUI that she will not treat our child the same as one that was conceived "naturally". I just don't need the stress from her. Everytime I am around her I can feel my blood pressure go up about 100 points. I better stop before I say something really mean! Thanks for listening and giving out your advice.


lovemy3 - November 20

Hi cooper, Don't let your mil have that control. She really doesn't need to know how you have concieved, that is very personal. If you do get your bfp this month, when you tell people like her, there is no need to mention how it happened. It is nobodies business but yours and dhs. I'm sure there is lots of people who you want to share your story with and thats great, because you are an inspiration to others. But pls don't feel like you need to tell people who you feel will judge you. I am so passsionate about this because your mil sounds like my mother. No one in my family will be pleased. As a matter a fact it may be so bad and ugly that there may be broken relationship over it. They think I'm too old (37) and that we have 3 already and that is plenty. We can afford it and are good parents, my parents are very much 2 kids and a dog that doesn't shed! So, I tell you from experience, don't let people like that steal your joy. I have also learned that I have control over what I am going too put up with. So big hugs and stay joyful!!


Cooper5450 - November 21

Hi Lovemy3... I can't even begin to tell you how much my MIL bothers me. She seems to be so nice and then when you get to know her she is just passive agressive. The worse part about it is that she will never say anything in front of my DH. Everyone keeps telling me that I should not stress over it but it is really hard. I don't know if she knows how much she stresses me. I really am trying to not stress because I know how important it is for me. I don't want to do anything that will prevent my from getting a BFP. I feel for you about your parents though. It's great that you and your DH are in a position to have more kids. I just needed to vent out some of my frustrations. Sometimes it is really hard for me to tell DH that his mom is making me frustrated. I don't want him to be caught in the middle. On a brighter note, we are one more day closer in our 2WW. I really want to take my HPT but don't want to be disappointed. I think that I am going to wait it out and wait until I am 15DPO to take the test. How about you? Are you still thinking about going to see a doctor if you don't see a BFP this month? Good Luck to you!!! I hope to hear from you that you are pregnant...



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