Strange Cycle - Any Ideas??
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NYkay - March 30

I'll try to be brief - I started my period on 1/28, then not again until 3/12 (my normal cycle is around 28-30 days). I had 4 days of brown spotting around 2/17.
Today I passed some clots and have some light spotting. (sorry if TMI!). Any ideas? Thanks.


JenG - March 30

Hi, you may have been pregnant (by my calculations 7 - 8 weeks) and then miscarried naturally or doing that now. Did you take a pregnancy test?


NYkay - March 31

Yes, I took several HPTs, all negative.
I passed a very small amt of clots yesterday, and just the one time. Now I have a lot of CM and it is tinged with brown...



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