Stopped pill 4 months ago, still not pregnant
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Sharon - October 20

As i say i came off the pill 4 months ago, i was dianette. Still no sign of being pregnant. Im 24 and healthy. Anyone experiencing the same or is it just me? I'm desperate to be a mum!


Rachel - October 20

Hi Sharon, I'm 28 and healthy also. I was on the bill for 12 years and went off it in march. In July, my body started to go through some weird problems which my GP believes is hormone imbalance as my body begins to regulate itself after coming off the pill. For some, their body regulates right away and for others like me, it takes time. This was the 1st month since July where my body wasn't doing strange things (spotting, severe PMS, sharp pain in breast, etc) so hopefully it is getting to a normal place now. I woudl suggest buying the book, "Taking charge of your fertility" as it really helps you understand how to detect is you are ovulating or not and if you have any issues.


Mindi - October 20

I am a healthy 25 yr. old and I was on bc pills for 10 yrs. I just came off in Aug. and dh and I have been ttc ever since. Good luck.


Sharon - October 21

I have only been on the pill 4 years. All my friends fell pregnant straight away, and my sister who suffers from PCOS fell straight away also. It's just upsetting that i cant. I'll just have to keep trying though!


dana - October 22

I stopped taking the pill in July and I haven't become pregnant. I have a child but my husband and I would like another. If someone would like to talk and keep up with the progress please email me at [email protected]


tanya j - October 23

age 22, spent my whole teenage years trying not to, Now worried that it might not happen, good luck x



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