Stopped getting periods when started 3rd shift
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MollieJo - June 8

I was on OC for 6 six years, I stopped them a year ago and for six months I got my period, then I started working third shift on weekends and my period stopped. My husband and I are trying to have a baby and my doctor says I'm not ovulating. He gave me premetrium and clomid. I start the clomid tomorrow. Has anyone else had trouble conceiving while working swing shifts?


linds99 - June 8

I don't work third shifts, however, my sister does and same thing has happened as you described. She started working 11 pm -7 am, and stopped getting AF after 3 months on the job. Her RE told her if you wanna get preggers, quit...kind of harsh, but she did and her AF returned about 2 months there may be a correlation. I have found that I ovulate sometimes at night (get the pains) and wake up with the temp spike...maybe you are one of those gals that ovulate at night and it is delayed because of the stress of the job/shift and no normal sleep? Just a thought...



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