Stopped Birth Control - Started CLOMID - No Period
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Jackie - June 27

Okay - I really need some help - I stopped taking my bc's (orthotricycline) last month when my pd started May 25. Took a regular cycle of Clomid (unperscribed) to try to jumpstart my ovulation cycle and hopefully get pregnant quicker. I have heard that there are problems getting your cycle started back up quickly. I was on bc for 3 years. My pd was due June 22 and is now 5 days late. I have taken 4 hpt's and all negative. Is my cycle just not evened out or is there still a chance I may be pregnant. Someone please let me know. Thanks


chrissy - June 27

how did u get clomid unperscribed? When I got off of the pill i didnt have one and I still havent had one. might be pregnant and it might be that your body is wondering where the pill is,lol. Good luck...


Jackie - June 27

I got it off the net. I know everyone says that isn't a good idea - But time is a factor here (military)


chrissy - June 27

Yeah i understand that. Good luck to you.......And best wishes


Jackie - June 27

It is kinda wierd though because I was on the pill for over a year and got pg immediately with my daughter. Now - all the results are negative - so - fingers crossed that its just taking a while to show.


Brandy - June 27

If you haven't started by day 35 of your normal cycle then you need to go and get Provera to start your cycle (If you don't know when day 35 is start from the first day of your last period and count until day 35).I would also get a blood PG test before this, because you are trying and it could've happen. Sometimes like you said your body needs a kick start, it's used to the BC contolling it. Also, my mother went to the hospital four times and was told that she wasn't pregnant and she was 4 mos. pregnant...go figure!!! I would definately go have a test done.


Jackie - June 27

Thank you so much for your post Brandy. If I got a Provera shot and I was pregnant, would it hurt the baby?


Drew - June 27

Hi Jackie, it wasn't until late in my third month that urine tests showed up with my daughter. There's always a chance...!!! Good luck! :)


Deby - June 27

Drew...were you still getting your period those 3 months?


Jackie - June 27

Thanks for the encouragement Drew. I'm going to the dr on Wednesday. Having a lot of cramps and back ache with a fever hovering around 99.8



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