stinging semen
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shannon - September 1

I have kind of a weird ques. Whenever my husband ejaculates inside of me, I feel a strong burning/stinging sensation and also feel swollen down there for a couple of hours. I have tried to research this on the internet and the only thing I could come up with is that I may be allergic to semen. Has anyone experienced this and do you think this will lessen my chance of ttc?


keli - September 1

The stinging may be from littel rips in the skin at the vagina. there is a name for it but i'm afraid i dont know it off hand. It may be caused by too much friction and not enough lube. The swelling is probably due to the rubbing motion of the 2 of you together. often times i am sore and swollen when we have long love making sessions. Do you have an odor or discharge with it? If you do i would definately see a doc asap to get treated. if not then next time you are at the docs mention it to him. it is possible to be allergic to semen althought rare.


shannon - September 1

Thanks Keli, for your response. I do not have odor or discharge. I was hoping that it was not serious and will affect ttc.



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