Still Waiting???
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princesssarah - March 6

Hi I am new to this but I guess I need to vent some??
My husband and I have been trying since Oct 05.....I have 3 days before my period comes again....The last 5 months of no bfp has left me very sad and ready to say forget it......but I really want another baby! I have a 7 yr old from my 1st 2nd hubby and I want to start a family......I know I can conceive but just frustated I guess........The last week I have been so nausated...but my boby has been doing wierds thing and the doctors say nothing is wrong with me. Not sure what to do now??? I hate this waiting game??? Any one else being in my shoes???


Pinky - March 6

you r right it's really frustated. But you should be thankful to god that at least you have one baby not like us trying for 1st baby and looks like it's never gonna happen!!...It's very depressing...But anyway we have to go through it...Keep finger cross and hope for the best...good luck..I hope i will hear something from u soon...


princesssarah - March 6

Thanks this point my 7yr old is a handful but I am very grate full for him. But I would like to give my wonderful new hubby a baby.......and right now we both feel like failures....but I am trying to be hubby says if it is meant to be then it will baby dust to all!!


princesssarah - March 10

Update........well I started my much un wanted visitor Thursday. Been a little down.......Hubby just says it isn't time yet...well I by god want to know why.....He is very supportive he wants this as much as me......but I have bought yet another round of ovulation tests and more we will try again....that is one thing I won't complain about.....I get to be so close to the best man I have ever known......Talk to u all soon!



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