Still trying to get pregnant
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Peggy - March 29

I haven't taken the Pill for 15 months now and still no pregnancy. I've calculated when my ovulation is, bout ovulation predictor kits and still nothing. Is it time to go to the doctor?


vr - March 29

You may want to talk to your doctor. This is a little advice from an older friend of mine who was trying to get pregnant for 5 years. They ran so many tests on this woman over the years, just to find out that it wasn't her at all. It was her husbands sperm. It turns out that the first half of the ejaculate was healthy sperm and the second half was killing the first half. So he had to half ejaculate inside of her and then pull out. Finally it worked. Anyways, her advice to me was. "If I ever had trouble becoming pregant, (which I am,but it's only been 6 months for me), to have my husband checked first because it is so much easier for a doctor to check sperm than having to go through alot of painful procedures." So, there's just a bit of advice, of course it could be nothing with you or your husband.But after 15 months of trying,I would seek the advice of a professional.


Rhonda - March 30

I do understand what it is you are going through. All the anxiety and frustration. Keep your chin up. I am 34 and pregnant with my first. Tried a multitude of things for seven years. IN the end it happened naturally to our delight. My advice would be to go to the docs and start the process for both you and your partner. Good luck to you and keep trying!


sharon - March 30


I have 2 beautiful girls age 4 years and 2 years old.

But the thing is that we have been trying for the past year for another baby. But nothing is working please can u help me

[email protected]


May - March 31

Sharon, hey. I just wanted to let you know that I am in the same situation. I am 29 and have a 3 year old. We started trying for our second a little over a year ago. I thought it would just happen like it did with my first. But, it has been a nightmare. I have had all kinds of test run and everything checks out fine. They did find that my thyroid levels were a little off so I am taking meds for that. They said it was brought on by my first preg. You may want to checi on that. Anyway, it is so frustrating because everyone thinks you should be happy because you already have a child (which I am very grateful for) but that doesn't change my dream of a big family and for him to have a sis or bro. I just ordered and started taking this herbal supplement called Ovulex. It is supposed to get your body in tip top shape for preggo. I'll let you know how it works. Been taking it for 12 days. Anyway, my thoughts are with you and baby dust to everyone.


Dawn - April 1

We tried for over 2 years to get pregnant. I had a friend who couldn't get pregnant either, but she finally did and told me how. I didn't want to go on fertility pills or anything so I gave this a shot and 2 1/2 months later I was pregnant. My son is now a healthy 19 month old. The "stuff" I took was from a nutritionalist who told me that if I wasn't pregnant in 3 months it probably wasn't me. And to have my husband checked. I have been giving his phone numbers to all my friends who have been trying to have a baby. So far it has worked for all of them!! I would recommed this to everyone who is trying to get pregnant and can't. If you are interested you can email me. I will be glad to help you out!!! [email protected]


dawn - April 1

What's the name of it?


stacey - April 2

I would also try charting your temps b/c through that you can learn 1- when you're ovulating, 2-IF you're ovulating 3- if you have a thyroid problem 4- if your luteal phase is long enough to conceive. Check out if you're interested.


dawn - April 2

The name of the "baby medicine"--that's what I call it, Is actually 2 things. They are angelica root and hers. I had to take a tbls. of one in am and a tbls. of the other in pm. Each bottle costs 40.00, which is 80.00 a month, but I felt like getting a baby is worth it!! And I had friends who were only on it a month. It has herbs that level out hormones and gets your body where it needs to be to get pregnant. There are no side effects at all. Everything in it is natural. He (the nutritionalist) told me that when I got pregnant to go off of it, but it wouldn't hurt the baby if I was on it and didn't know I was pregnant yet. I


TRACY - April 20




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