Still not ovulated after coming off the pill?
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ky - September 2

I think its been bout 5 months now since i came off the pill. Since may the 4th i came off it.I took it for an odd 2 weeks in july due to stress but ever since ive been off it. I have loads of OPK's and i have never had a +ve in a whole 5 months thats from a morning and evening test. DO you think i'm still not ovulating? Also tonight at 11:30pm i went to the loo and ive got really light pink bleeding. I only had my period till bout a week and a half ago but the last one lasted about 9days and it was really heavy! I could be on roundabout CD19-CD22. Could it be implantation bleeding incase i have ovulated? or do you think im just having a dodgy cycle. *bear in mind my cycles have been normal since coming off pill and have normally lasted 33 days.* All advice is very much appreciated


. - September 19



chicks - September 19

Hi sweetie! Man, I feel you there.. I've been off it for a year and haven't ovulated (I don't think).. I bought the book, taking charge of your fertility, and it says that we shouldn't trust OPK's for determining ovulation, as many things can cause them to be wrong. I read also that bleeding can be misleading due to the rise in hormones when your body is trying to release an egg and may not sucessfully release one to which you get a withdrawl bleed by the drop in hormones making you think you've ovulated when you may not have. Go to the doctor's and get their advice. Get them to do ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc. Track your temperature every day (it doesn't take that long..) and check your cervical fluids to look for fertile cervical fluid and kind of match the two together. If you see fertile fluid on CD18, then a rise in temperature on CD20-22, then you can be pretty sure that you ovulated and it takes the guess work out of it a little bit. Also, it's good to track these things as it gives the doctor a better idea of what's going on with you if he can look at your temps and cervical fluid. Hope I've been of some help to you and lots of baby dust coming your way! Take care..


M'Rita - September 19

Have u been having the fertile type of mucus (stretchy egg white type) around the times you were supposed to ovulate? I hope that it is your implantation bleeding and that u will be having your BFP very soon!
Love XXX Rita


Ky - September 25

~Thanks for all your advice. Yes i have had mucus just like the fertile type! That's why im sure i have been ovulating. I gave up on the ovulation tests bcuz they were making me depressed getting DAILY NEGS (-) ! I'm sure you will all relate to me well there! What im tryign to do is to eat well, sleep well and make sure i take my pregnancy TTC vitamins everyday. I have done the odd BBT charting, i did do it for the 1st 3 months that i came off but since then ive tried not to make myself get too obsessed. Although deep down i am aswell as DB he is feeling the pressure too which ends up causing tears and hugs. This may sound strange but we have had a kitten for around a month she is now 12 weeks so she is still a baby and i cant help but say "oh are you coming over to sit on mummy's knee?" etc. It's as if we're so obsessed with trying hard to concieve that im relating a kitten that i look after and care for to...a little one! Another thing that i NEED YOUR SUPPORT ON PLEASE!! is that i tend to go on shop alot and look at anything and everything. Recently i was looking at the baby section on ebay just to have a peek of whats in store for buying! Now i saw a suit and ended up buying it and it went from there. When it came through myself and DB were overwhelmed at the fact that OUR CHILD will be in this tiny suit eventually. From that time, we have basically acquired a whole load of stuff for our baby excpet from the obvious furniture ( not that far! ) just loads if clothes and outfits, bedding and a few extra's. We try so hard to get it right and monitor our every move and breath every day of every month! PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS SOME WOMEN OUT THERE WHO ARE GOING THROUGH THE SAME AS ME. I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! AND I CAN BE OF SUPPORT!!! you are all so helpful and i do appreciate it. Thank you so much


Rachel - September 25

Ky - I too am having post-pill problems. The doc feels that I am ovulating due to the painful a/f cramps and heavy bleeding that has started recently. I have been off the pill 7 cycles now. I have spotting for one or two days about 4 or 6 days before a/f. That would be followed by major pg symptoms but it was just really bad PMS. My GP feels that my progesterone level is low so a fertilized egg tries to implant but then the progesterone drops so the lining can't be sustained and it all gets washed away and then I get my a/f on time. My GP said she won't do anything yet as she feels my body will correct itself, she said to go back to her in 3 months. In the meantime I guess I just have to keep losing babies. In Canada, your GP must refer you to an ob/gyn and she feels it is too soon for that. I'm extremely frustrated with this so I know how you feel.


M'Rita - September 26

Hi Girl’s!

Ky – I know what you mean...girl! I also have pet – a 9 month old Doberman and we also call her our daughter... When people ask if we have children, we just say that our baby has four paws! I haven’t bought any baby cloths yet, but I did buy some baby books.
Don’t stress too much, as this could also reduce your chances of conceiving. U can always chat to me. I’m here for u girl! [email protected] I’m sure u’ll get pg very soon. My fingers & toes are crossed for ya. Where are u in your cycle?

Rachel – your doctor sounds like a right pain. Maybe u should change him/her if nothing positive happens within the next 2 months. I wish u all the luck.

This is our second month off the pill & ttc and today is CD35/38. I’ve been having some bad cramps & a lot of gas (sorry tmi!!!), but I’m sure it’s just the witch announcing its arrival. Well, I’ll test on Sat. –Sun. if AF doesn’t show up before.

Keep your heads up & your spirits high! I believe we will soon have our BFP’s!!!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Baby Dust~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Love xxx Rita


Ky - September 26

Thank you to both you girls! I'm sure it will all fall into place soon enough, Rita i have added you to my messenger "MSN" do you have it? If not i will email you soon, wot about you "chicks" and "rachel" do you have and messenger or an email address? Well showed her ugly face but only lightly! Very sore cramps and the feeling of failuuuuure came over me! But DP is very supportive and told me not to worry because it will happen soon :) I'm on month 5-6 off the pill now girls and all the aggro is annoying but hopefully my body is just preparing for a wonderful pregnancy soon to come. I'm trying my hardest not to stress M'Rita but we all know its hard! Look forward to tlaking to you all my email address is [email protected] feel free to drop a line. ~*~*~*~~*~*BD to all!!~*~*~*~*~*



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